POLL PATROL: Iowa Men's Basketball Ends Season At #25 In Final AP Poll

By RossWB on March 19, 2020 at 12:53 pm
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With the 2020 NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament cancelled, there's no need for the AP to wait until April to release their final Top 25 poll for the 2019-20 season. And, sure enough, they went ahead and released their final Top 25 poll. Given that there were only a handful of conference tournament games played between the release of the previous poll and this poll, you'd assume that there wouldn't be many changes between that poll and this poll. And you would be correct in that assumption. 

1 Kansas (63) 28-3 1623
2 Gonzaga (1) 31-2 1547
3 Dayton (1) 29-2 1505
4 Florida State 26-5 1381
5 Baylor 26-4 1337
6 San Diego State 30-2 1279
7 Creighton 24-7 1154
8 Kentucky 25-6 1118
9 Michigan State 22-9 1023
10 Villanova 24-7 1011
11 Duke 25-6 990
12 Maryland 24-7 924
13 Oregon 24-7 872
14 Louisville 24-7 768
15 Seton Hall 21-9 727
16 Virginia 23-7 586
17 Wisconsin 21-10 539
18 BYU 24-8 537
19 Ohio State 21-10 459
20 Auburn 25-6 453
21 Illinois 21-10 263
22 Houston 23-8 179
23 Butler 22-9 165
24 West Virginia 21-10 159
25 Iowa 20-11 109

The only change in the Top 10 is Duke and Villanova swapping spots at #10. Kansas remains #1, followed by Gonzaga, Dayton, Florida State, Baylor, San Diego State, and Creighton. Honestly, one of the biggest disappointments in the NCAA Tournament getting cancelled is not getting to see so many of these unusual top contenders -- teams having some of the best seasons in decades (or ever) -- have a chance to see how far they could have taken things in March Madness.

As for our beloved Hawkeyes, they check in at #25, exactly where they were in the previous poll after losing to Purdue and Illinois in the final week of the regular season. Iowa was last ranked in the final AP Top 25 poll of the season after the 2015-16 season, when they also ended the year at #25 (after going 21-10 overall and 1-1 in the NCAA Tournament). Those are the only two times during the Fran Era at Iowa that Iowa has ended the season ranked in the AP Top 25; prior to 2016, Iowa's last ranking in the final AP Top 25 was 2006. Overall they've ended the year ranked in the final poll 19 times. 

The Big Ten led all conferences with six teams in the final Top 25, topped by Michigan State at #9. The Big East had the next most teams in the Top 25 with four, led by Creighton at #7. 

Ending the season in the final Top 25 is a nice feather in the cap for this Iowa team, who navigated a challenging schedule and one of the most difficult Big Tens in recent memory to have a very successful season. Obviously the ending of this season wasn't particularly satisfying, but the season as a whole was a good one and it's fitting that it will end with Iowa being ranked in the final poll of the season. Their body of work all year long certainly showed that they were one of the 25 best teams in the country. 

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