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The 2005-06 Hawkeyes dominated Thursday.  Can Fran's guys do the same on Monday?  Once again, here are the one-on-one rules:

  • Shoot for first possession
  • Alternating possessions
  • Play to 15, must win by 2
  • 3s are worth 3 points

Greg Brunner def. Tony Freeman 15-2 (93-7)
Jeff Horner def. Mike Gesell 16-14 (55-45) 
Adam Haluska def. C.J. Fredrick 15-12 (62-38) 

GAME ONE: No. 1 Jarrod Uthoff vs. No. 9 Doug Thomas

I always associate two games with Jarrod Uthoff, and both are massive comebacks.  The first: Iowa blowing a double-digit halftime lead at Iowa State, a game in which Uthoff hit his career high with 32 points but disappeared late.  Let's never speak of that one again.  The second: Iowa fell behind 37-20 at the half at Mackey Arena on January 2, 2016.  Were it not for Uthoff, the score would have been 37-4. 

Never before or since did Uthoff look more like Dirk Nowitzki, hitting fadeaways and step-throughs all day as Iowa came back to win by seven, on the road, against freaking Purdue.  He finished with 25 points and 5 blocked shots.

Doug?  Uh, Doug had that game against Michigan State where he dunked on everyone like nine times.

GAME TWO: No. 4 Isaiah Moss vs. No. 5 Aaron Fuller

There is but one encapsulation of the Isaiah Moss Experience: That time that Moss scored 19 points in a minute and 36 seconds against Minnesota.

No, it wasn't enough to win, but you can't blame the guy who scored 30 and damn near came back from a 10-point deficit in the last 1:30 of a game.

Fuller's signature game also came in a loss.  The 2009-10 Hawkeyes were 9-17, 3-10 in the Big Ten, when they hosted Michigan.  The season was done, and nobody could blame them for simply slumping through another game.  Nobody told Fuller it was over, though: Dude put up 30 and 13, made 11/13 from the field and 8/11 at the line.  Yes, Michigan hit a three with six seconds left to send it to overtime, and yes, Michigan hit a couple of big shots late in overtime to grab the win, but at least we had some hope for Fuller.

GAME THREE:  No. 2 Aaron White vs. No. 10 Cyrus Tate

There are a ton of Aaron White Games to choose from -- he was Kenpom game MVP a staggering 33 times over the last three years of his career -- but I'll always associate him with his last win.  Iowa was a trendy pick as a 7/10 upset victim when it faced Davidson in the first round of the 2015 NCAA Tournament.  But it was clear very early that the Wildcats had nobody to match up with White.

White played 35 minutes, scored 26 points on 11/14 shooting, added six boards and a pair of assists, and led Iowa to a blowout first-round win that had us thinking we could actually beat Gonzaga.  SPOILER ALERT: We couldn't beat Gonzaga.

No, Iowa did not win at Michigan State in February 2008.  I mean, come on.  But Cyrus Tate scored a career-high 26, pulled in nine boards, blocked a shot, and alley ooped all over Drew Naymick.

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