By Patrick Vint on November 24, 2020 at 2:00 am
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Height: 6'4"
Weight: 210
Class: Freshman
High School: Lawrence North
Hometown: Indianapolis, Ind.
GIA Nickname That Won't Catch On Anywhere: All-Day Breakfast


Perkins averaged 16 points/5 rebounds/3 assists as a high school junior, and improved on that to 18/6/4 as a senior.  His team won 60 games over his final three seasons, and he was All-State in Indiana, which is a legit accolade.  Dude was the Dominique Wilkins of Indiana last year, yamming on fools like it's Thanksgiving.

What Perkins wasn't was highly recruited.  His best offer outside of Iowa was probably Bradley.  At least according to 24/7, he was the lowest-ranked Indiana recruit to take a Power 5 offer last year.  A lot of it probably had to do with a respectable-but-unspectacular 35 percent shooting from three.


That shot isn't going to displace C.J. Fredrick at shooting guard, and Iowa already has a veritable cornucopia of point guards at its disposal, so it's not like Perkins is a favorite to break through the rotation.  

But this nugget from Mark Emmert's rundown of Iowa's incoming class is worth noting:

Tony Perkins, a 6-foot-4 shooting guard from Indianapolis, Indiana, may already be the best athlete on the team. Perkins said he had a 38-inch vertical leap in high school and is known for his highlight-reel dunks.

But if he sees playing time early one, it will likely be based on what he can provide on defense. Perkins is always on the prowl for a perimeter steal that will lead to a breakaway. He averaged 1.8 steals as a high school senior at Indiana power Lawrence North. Blocked shots are another staple of his.

College basketball timeout rules lend themselves to a potential offensive/defensive rotation late in games, and for all of their positives, Iowa's backcourt doesn't necessarily have a lockdown defender at its immediate disposal.  Deploying Perkins as a shutdown ball defender and rebounder late in games makes some sense, at least while Fran and company work on that perimeter shot.


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