Iowa Hawkeyes Player Previews: Jordan Bohannon

By RossWB on October 31, 2016 at 5:00 pm
Jordan shootin'
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Bio: True Freshman 6'0" 182 LBS (Marion, IA)
Last Season: 25.8 ppg, 48.5 FG%, 42.8 3FG%, 92.4 FT%, 5.3 rpg (high school)

What We Saw Last Season

JoBo -- are we calling him that yet?  No? -- was Iowa's Mr. Basketball last year and when you take a peek at his stats up above, you can see why.  Bohannon was a gunner -- and a damn good one.  He had more than a few absolutely ridiculous shooting displays for Linn-Mar and he was absolutely deadly from long range (42.8 3FG%) and also incredibly reliable at the free throw line (92.4 FT%). Of course, that was Iowa high school basketball -- and it's a big jump from that to the Big Ten, especially for a somewhat undersized guard without top-flight athleticism. 

What We Need To See This Season

Bohannon is going to play -- there's no question about that.  Part of that is out of necessity; Iowa's only returning player with a shred of experience at the point guard position is Christian Williams and he played all of 102 minutes last year. Even if Williams was a peerless option at point guard, he can't play 40 minutes a game. Bohannon played point in high school and projects to do the same in college, although he was very much a shoot-first point guard at Linn-Mar. Fran has tended to favor more pass-first distributor point guards (Bryce Cartwright, Mike Gesell), but the offense also had success with Devyn Marble at the point, and he was more of a shoot-first type.  

Can Bohannon's shooting success translate to college? Iowa has been desperate for outside shooting for pretty much the duration of Fran's tenure at Iowa and Iowa desperately needs someone to take some of the pressure off Peter Jok. Bohannon looks like he could be one of the best bets to provide that outside shooting assistance, but time will tell -- we've seen other high school gunners come to Iowa and find the going rougher in college. 

The other question we have: can Bohannon organize and run the Iowa offense? For the last four years, Iowa's had Mike Gesell running the show at point guard and he did a good job of managing things and running the show on offense. Can Bohannon fill those distributor shoes?  That may be more difficult for him than helping out with his long range shooting. 

Best Case Scenario

Bohannon's shooting ability and understanding of the offense are too good to keep off the floor and he wrests the starting job away from Christian Williams and plays 20-25 a game as the perfect complement to Jok's shooting in the back court, forcing teams to defend both guys around the arc and improving Iowa's spacing on the court and leading to easier shots in the paint.  He averages 10-11 ppg and makes around 38-40% of his three-point attempts and swings a few games with his performances from downtown.  He also emerges as a key player for Iowa in end-of-game situations, thanks to his ability to make free throws.  

Most Likely Scenario

Bohannon plays 10-15 minutes off the bench as an able deputy to Williams.  He averages 6-7 ppg and makes around 35% of his three-point attempts, but suffers from inconsistency and disappears for stretches, as is typical for a freshman.  He has a few torrid shooting displays, particularly in non-conference action, but has several other games where his shot is off and he struggles to make an impact. His free throw shooting does help Iowa in end-of-game situations, but his inexperience also leads to turnovers and some poor decisions, which causes Fran to limit his role at the end of games. 

One Request

Please drain some timely 3s for Iowa in the Wisconsin game. After all the times your older brother killed Iowa in this series, we'd love nothing more than to have you return the favor to the Badgers this year. 

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