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There are many factors to consider in the "BIG TEN" College Basketball race before you can really figure out the winning team!

Look out sports fans! It is October 12 and that means it's time for College Basketball 2017-2018! The action is going to be action-packed this year, more than ever. I bet you are asking, how come it is one season but there's two years in the name? Heh, good question! College Basketball is so action-packed that there's too much basketball for just one year!! Even when the calendar switches for the New Year 2018, it is still the same season! That is one of the biggest factors you have to think about as a basketball fan in this day and age.


College Basketball 2017-2018 was rocked by scandle when Duke head coach Rick Pittino was convicted of giving money to players (see picture above). His own players cheared when they found out! (see picture above) That is how you know the locker room is no place for you. When you give people money to do things it is either a job or a national disgrace, and you really have a lot of factors to compare and contrast before you know if you are a crimminle or not.

What I really don't like is that if Rick Piteno really did something bad then you should have to say what it was when you fire him. Then Louisville said it was for "just cause" and I would be so p*ssed off, that is why you buy Burger King for dinner on a Wednesday not why you litterally ruin a man's life. They make it sound random but it's really ran-DUMB. Sorry for the bad language.

In order to truly understand all the factors of College Basketball 2017-2018, you have to understand it's history. Did you know that

College basketball

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The history of basketball is traced back to a YMCA International Training School, known today as Springfield College, located in Springfield, Massachusetts. The sport was created by a physical education teacher named James Naismith, who in the winter of 1891 was given the task of creating a game that would keep track athletes in shape and that would prevent them from getting hurt. The date of the first formal basketball game played at the Springfield YMCA Training School under Naismith's rules is generally given as December 21, 1891.[1][2][3] Basketball began to be played at some college campuses by 1893.[4] The first known college to field a basketball team against an outside opponent was Vanderbilt University, which played against the local YMCA in Nashville, Tennessee, on February 7, 1893.[4]

The important thing to know about basketball is that its for the Big Boys now!  If you aren't careful you will get slammed dunked on! There are at least a hundred players on each team who can dunk probably. I wish I could dunk and then I would be able to do basketball instead of school. If you dunk they just give you a college degree that other people worked on while you travel the world playing "the sport of the ancients". (basketball)

Slam Dunk Shot

Now that you know all there is to know about College Basketball it's time to take the closer look at Big Ten College Basketball 2017-2018. Who will be the winner this year?? [chuckles] Hang on, we'll get there. You really have to compare and contrast ALL the teams, one at a time.

Without further adieu, Here is the Official Big Ten College Basketball 2017-2018 rankings, hot off the presses! 


1. Michigan State - This team is truely the leader of the pack. Miles Bridges is the top man of the team, no pun intended, and maybe he will bridge the gap to the Final Four 2017-2018! I think MIchigan State will go all! the! way! ;) 

2. Michigan - John Beeline is maybe the Coach of The Year 2017-2018 in the Big Ten and nobody can stop him. WTF kind of name is Moritz Wagner. I looked up something someone else wrote and they said he's really good.

3. Minnesota - the Goldened Gophers had like 10 freshmen last year and they still almost did a championship. Now the sky is truely the limit. 

4. Purdue - Here is Purdue's chance to really show what is what. I think they have a ton of really tall guys again and that can be devestating! Also South Dakota Mathews is one of the best shooters in Big Ten College Basketball 2017-2018... he's always shooting! Wow.

5. IOWA! - This is the perfect spot for IOWA HAWKEYES, because 5th place is good enough to get into the March Madness Tournament easily, but it is also low enough that they can say that we are disrespecting them and they will be extra motorvated to really kick some b*tt and *ss and rear end, and maybe they won't stop until it's time to hold up the Big Ten Championship Basketball Trophy...... or more!!

6. Wisconsin - There is one thing this team depends on and that is the strong, faithful leadership of Bo Ryan. He is the head coach and moral compess, you better believe it. I picked them sixth but he can really go all the way.

4. Purdue - Here is Purdue's chance to really show what is what. I think they have a ton of really tall guys again and that can be devestating! Also South Dakota Mathews is one of the best shooters in Big Ten College Basketball 2017-2018... he's always shooting! Wow.

8. Maryland - My dad says Maryland is always lucky and shouldn't win as much as they do, but he also said that I don't get to have a pickup truck until I have something to carry in it, like wtf it's not like they give you a job driving rocks and barrels around BEFORE you get the truck, the first day on the job and they say "OK drive all this stuff to the warehouse" and then what, I have to ask my dad to help me pick out a truck? Also MAYBE trucks are just cooler than cars and when it snows I can just blast through snow banks and open up closed highways. I would get so many girls numbers.

9. Indiana - The Indiana Hoosiers decided Tom Crean was bad and it's like we all could have told you that infinity years ago. Anyway they don't have a good team but they have Colin Hartmen and Robert Johnson and maybe this new coach Archie Miller can really "work the old Archie magic" and get a winning record or 2! 

10. Illinois - lmao their coach is named Underwear. One of his assistant coach'es was also arrested in Corruption Case 2017 but he was a former assistant so I guess Brad Underwear is okay. I don't know who plays for Illinois but orange is stupid for jerseys. 

11. Ohio State - Thad Motta decided he was a quitter and whenever a coach does that all the players get to quit too. The star guy also quit playing by the rules and he got arrested. I think maybe they don't want to play basketball in OSU anymore which is fine because if you get bad at something you used to be good at, it's probably sucky in real life.  

12. Penn State - Who cares

I think that is everybody but in the Big Ten there is really no telling how many teams there are in any given year! I bet there are tons of guys who show up thinking they only have to play 10 other teams and then look out... here comes more! You have to be on your toes 1000% of the time in the Big Ten College Basketball!

How many teams

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