The Parquet Spread 2017-18: Your One-Stop Iowa Hoops Preview

By RossWB on October 18, 2017 at 1:48 pm
"It's a bird... It's a plane... It's the Parquet Spread!"

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Did you miss anything during our rollout of The Parquet Spread 2017-18 yesterday? We get it: Our Parquet Spread Iowa basketball season previews are awesome, but they can also be a little exhausting. 24 posts in 24 hours is a lot to keep track of! Never fear, though: here's a full recap of all our posts from this year's version of The Parquet Spread to make it easy for you to catch up on what you might have missed. 

The bulk of our Parquet Spread series, of course, was devoted to the player previews. We hit all 13 scholarship players, plus the walk-ons. 

1) Cordell Pemsl
2) Maishe Dailey
3) Brady Ellingson
4) Jack Nunge
5) Nicholas Baer
6) Luka Garza
7) Tyler Cook
8) Jordan Bohannon
9) Isaiah Moss
10) Ahmad Wagner
11) Christian Williams
12) Ryan Kriener
13) Dom Uhl
14) The Walk-Ons

Pat talked about the growth of the Iowa basketball program under Fran and what's next: 


While Adam carefully transcribed the inimitable insights of Bored High School Student:


We also covered some key big picture issues, like playing time distribution: 

Let's Talk Playing Time: 2018 Edition

An overview of recruiting: 

Caring Is Creepy: Iowa Basketball Recruiting Overview

And scholarship math: 

Let's Talk Scholarship Math

We gave an overview of Iowa's Big Ten opponents: 

2017-2018 Big Ten Basketball Season Preview

As well as their non-conference opponents: 

Previewing Iowa's Non-Conference Schedule

We had a special hoops preview podcast: 

Go Audio Awesome 2.08: Journalistic Integrity

And last, but not least, we also hit a few key things about the Iowa women's basketball team too: 

The Biggest Issue Facing Iowa Women’s Basketball: Depth

Tania Davis Will Be This Year’s X Factor for Iowa Women’s Basketball 

So if you missed anything or just want to reread some of our coverage, dive right in. And feel free to let us know what you thought in the comments. 

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