By Patrick Vint on November 24, 2020 at 6:00 pm
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Sure, there haven't been any games technically played yet, and the season is still very much up for grabs due to a global pandemic, but that's never stopped us from filling out the brackets.

Joe Lunardi, ESPN

The Worldwide Leader is always going to be The Worldwide Leader: Lunardi's most recent bracket has dropped Iowa to a 3 seed, paired up with Wright State and opposite No. 2 seed...Duke?  Neither the AP nor the Coaches Poll has the Dukies ranked ahead of Iowa.  Kenpom has Duke No. 2 overall, so maybe that's where it comes from.

Lunardi's one seeds are Baylor, Gonzaga, Villanova and Virginia, which are consistent with most prognosticators (except for maybe the Cavaliers).  Illinois gets a 2 seed from ESPN, as does Wisconsin.  The upper Mississippi River valley is going to run red with the blood of the Hawkeyes, Badgers and Illini (and Gophers, who are currently in the First Four Out) by the time this season is done.

Jerry Palm, CBS

Palm still has Iowa on the 2 line, facing Hofstra in the first round and the winner of Richmond and UConn from there.  He has the same four top seeds as Lunardi, but hands out 2 seeds to the Hawkeyes, Illinois, Tennessee and Kansas.  Wisconsin gets a 4 seed, because Jerry Palm is a good and moral man.  Palm sneaks Minnesota into the field in a play-in game, which nullifies all that good will right away.

Chris Dobbertean, Blogging the Bracket

I hit up our old friend Chris Dobbertean, of SB Nation's Blogging the Bracket, and got this back:

I then booed him lustily for failing to make Iowa the overall No. 1 seed.

Patrick Stevens, Washington Post

I didn't know WaPo had a bracketologist, but Bezos can certainly afford one, so we're through the looking glass on this one.

It turns out that guys named Patrick are really good at brackets: HE HAS IOWA AS A BIG TEN CHAMPION AND ONE SEED!


Baylor, Villanova and Gonzaga get the rest of his top seeds.  Just eight Big Ten teams are in his field of 68, with both Minnesota and Purdue left out.

Andy Katz, NCAA

Kinda weird that the NCAA has a guy making prediction posts about an NCAA competition, but he's going with Iowa as a 2 seed so we'll ignore the fairly blatant conflict of interest.  Katz, the former ESPN college hoops analyst, puts Illinois on a top line, along with Villanova, Gonzaga and Baylor.  He does have Iowa at No. 5 overall, one spot behind Illinois, so there's still hope.