VIDEO: : Iowa Football Goes Hard Knocks (Sort Of)

By RossWB on August 29, 2016 at 2:40 pm

We're never going to get an actual HARD KNOCKS-style series about Iowa football -- Kirk Ferentz would never agree to let outsiders document things behind the scenes that much. That said, New Kirk is more comfortable giving us a glimpse at how the sausage is made for Iowa football -- or at least in using the considerable skills of Iowa football's excellent video department to show off the practice fields and gleaming new football facility to folks, including recruits.  Not that we're complaining -- when you're dying of thirst in the desert that is the offseason, any taste of football is exciting. 

And this peek at Iowa football's 2016 fall training camp is a pretty fun watch.  There's a decent amount of scrimmage and 7-on-7 action, most of which shows off C.J. Beathard, Matthew VandeBerg ("Meerkat or just "Meer"), Akrum Wadley, and (surprisingly) Noah Fant. But the star of the video is probably Josey Jewell, who shows off the leadership and teaching skills that no doubt made him the first-ever sophomore team captain at Iowa last year.  This video definitely highlights his teaching skills as he works with some of Iowa's younger linebackers like Kyle Taylor and Barrington Wade. 

Josey Jewell doing some coaching. There's also a lot of time spent on food.  SO MUCH FOOD.  If you were wondering if Iowa players eat better than you... yes, yes they do. 
Iowa football eats better than you.
Mmm, bacon

Finally, Matt VandeBerg shows off the secret to getting a good nap during training camp: the smoothbag. 

Night-night, Meerkat.


Do watch the video if you haven't already -- it's a fun look at Iowa's preparations for the 2016 season.  
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