Fancy Cool Nicknames for Iowa's Secondary

By Patrick Vint on August 31, 2016 at 2:00 pm
Aaron Doster-USA TODAY Sports

Marc Morehouse says there won't be any fancy cool nicknames from Iowa's secondary this year:

Fancy cool nicknames are available for the Iowa secondary.  Here's a bunch of them:

  • The King and his Court
  • King's Ransom
  • The Royal Flush
  • The Full House: Kings Full of Mabins
  • The King's Taylors
  • Three Men and a Walk-On
  • Call Us Mabin
  • Come at the King, You Best Not Miss
  • Frank Sobotka's Shipping Container of Dead Prostitutes
  • The Fifth Season of The Wire (Just Settlin' Scores)
  • Sheriff Taylor and his Deputies
  • Snyder and the Pretzels
  • Snyder of Handover...the Ball
  • T-MaSK
  • MaSKT
  • The MaSKT Marauders
  • The MaSK
  • Trillballins
  • D.G.M.B. (Don't Go Makin' Ballerfalls)
  • Dr. Funke's 100 Percent Natural Good-Time Family Band Solution, Featuring (Greg) Mabin Funke
  • The King and his Jacks (only really works if the other three guys all change their name to Jack)
  • The Fab Four
  • The Beat Y'alls
  • Nickelback
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