By Mike Jones on January 9, 2017 at 4:19 pm

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That was easy. Today, at the annual Iowa football postseason press conference, Kirk Ferentz named Brian Ferentz (they're related) as Iowa's next offensive coordinator.

The official announcement:

Just earlier this morning, Pat broke down Brian Ferentz's background extensively but for those of you who want the TL; DR version: Brian played center at Iowa from 2002-2005, spent a couple of years in the NFL as a player before taking an offensive coaching position with the Patriots, was promoted to tight end coach in 2011, came back to Iowa in 2012 and has been Iowa's offensive line coach since that time. He was also named Iowa's "run game coordinator" last season, which obviously paid dividends as Iowa had two 1,000 yard rushers.

Supposedly, Brian wasn't the only one considered:

Other names on the list: B. Ryan Ferentz, Doug Marrone, Frian Berentz, My Large Adult Son, Doug Ferentz and Lame Kiffin (Jacobi was responsible for like half of these).

A couple of questions that remain are whether or not Brian will continue to coach the offensive line and who will be the quarterbacks coach. At least Ferentz the Younger is up front about his experience with quarterbacks:

There's also the question of who will take the new 10th assistant coach position and what, exactly, that position will be. 

All questions aside, Iowa fans should be OK with this movie. Judging by what we've seen over the past handful of seasons, Brian Ferentz is an intense coach and will bring new life to the Iowa offense. If nothing else, he'll actually be able to communicate with Kirk Ferentz and encourage him to try something other than a jet sweep on 2nd and 7.

Congratulations and welcome to the show, Brian Ferentz. 

No pressure.

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