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Greg Davis says goodbye

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It was a sleepy Friday afternoon in the Go Iowa Awesome offices... and then we saw this cross the Twitters -- 

Wait -- what?!

Yes, it's really happening. Per the official UI release

IOWA CITY, Iowa – Greg Davis, offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach for the University of Iowa football program the past five seasons, announced his retirement Friday, concluding a 43-year career in the college football coaching ranks.
"I cannot thank Greg Davis enough for what he has meant to Iowa football these past five seasons.  Greg possesses a great football mind, and he brought a perspective and expertise to our program that made every one of our coaches and players better," said Iowa head football coach Kirk Ferentz.  "Greg's coaching career spanned five decades, from high school to the biggest stage in college football -- and each day he exemplified passion for the game while instilling character in his players.  That is 'love for the game' and without Greg, there's a little less of that in football today.

"Greg will be the first to admit he owes so much of his coaching success to his wife, Patsy.  They were a wonderful team in Iowa City and all of us with the Iowa football program wish them the very best."
With Davis on staff, the Hawkeyes won 39 games over the past five seasons, including a combined 20 wins over the past two years.  The Hawkeyes appeared in four January bowl games, including the 2016 Rose Bowl Game.  The Hawkeyes won the Big Ten's West Division in 2015 while posting a school-record 12 wins.
"I have had a wonderful five years with the Hawkeye football program.  I would like to thank coach Ferentz, the entire staff, our players, and Iowa fans everywhere," said Davis. "Patsy and I have enjoyed our time in Iowa, and not just the football part of it.  The people of Iowa City and Hawkeye fans have been great.  While we have our home in Dallas, there is no doubt we will be Hawkeye fans forever.
"This is my decision, but not a decision that was reached lightly.  I remain passionate about the game of football, and enjoyed teaching football to our players every day.  Patsy has been a trooper through all these years; we have learned and enjoyed every step along the way.  It's time for me to get closer to our family.
"I'm not sure the people of Iowa realize how special Kirk Ferentz is, and I am not talking about just the football part of the equation," said Davis.  "The men who leave this program are prepared for life, for careers, to be great husbands and fathers.  Kirk is the total package for what anyone would want in a head coach."

Holy crap.  It's finally over.  

And, look, we've been very hard on Davis and the Iowa offense over the years, both here and at our old home at BHGP. We'll never know how much of the offense was him and how much was Kirk Ferentz. He probably took a bit more grief than he deserved. He was dedicated to the Iowa program for the last five years and we thank him for his work in trying to help Iowa win football games. 

But this relationship just wasn't working anymore. We'll delve into things more deeply later this weekend, but Iowa sunk to 121st in the country in total offense, 118th in passing offense, and 95th in scoring offense this year. They weren't much better in advanced stats, either (78th in offensive S&P+). Iowa ran the ball well this year, but that was about it. Nor was this any sort of aberration -- anyone who's followed Iowa over the last five years knows that the offense has frequently been... problematic. So it's time for a change.  We're ready for a new mind in charge of the Iowa offense.  And now we're going to get it. 

Again, we'll have much more on this development over the weekend and in the coming weeks (Kirk Ferentz is scheduled to have a press conference on Monday afternoon). 

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