Holy Crap, The Joe Moore Award is Huge

By RossWB on February 3, 2017 at 7:44 am
This trophy could double as Kirk Ferentz's mausoleum.
Marc Morehouse (Instagram)

Lost in the shuffle of National Signing Day on Tuesday was the fact that Iowa also received a trophy, the Joe Moore Award for having the nation's best offensive line. Although calling it a "trophy" is probably doing it a disservice, because we tend to think of trophies as something you can hold. The only person who's going to be holding this is Superman. 

The coffin-like aesthetics are kind of hard to overlook once you notice them, frankly.  There more photos of the stupefyingly big award at Hawkeye Sports. Congrats to the 2016 Iowa offensive linemen for earning this gargantuan addition to the trophy collection -- well done, guys!

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