BREAKING: Iowa to Wear Alternate Uniform in 2017

By RossWB on July 24, 2017 at 8:48 pm
Could Iowa bust out something like this in 2017?
Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports

As usual, there wasn't a lot of news out of Big Ten Media Days, but one of the tidbits that did turn a few heads was Kirk Ferentz's disclosure that Iowa will be dressing a little differently for one game this year. 

We're going to have to wait for more details, including a look at what the actual alternate uniform might be; if memory serves, they kept the "Blackout" uniform for the Minnesota game in 2015 under wraps until the day of the game itself. I'd guess that game and uniform provide a model for what to expect for Iowa's alternate uniform this season. In other words, don't expect something too out there or crazy, design-wise; it's hard to imagine Ferentz signing off on full-on Oregon-style uniform madness. And there's a good chance that it could be tied to one of Iowa's themed games. This year's Blackout game is against Ohio State (November 4), while the Black and Gold Spirit Game is against Penn State (September 23) and the Gold Out game is against North Texas (September 16). I think we can probably rule out the North Texas game; it's not likely to garner much attention (although it will be televised on ESPN2) and I also don't think it's likely that Iowa will be wearing a primarily gold uniform. 

The Blackout game (OSU) and Black and Gold Spirit Game (PSU) are intriguing possibilities, though. Both are against high-profile opponents and stand a decent chance of being played in primetime (especially the Penn State game). The 2015 alternate uniform was used under the lights and it certainly seems logical that they could try to duplicate that effect. (One hitch in that idea is that Iowa won't know until 10 days out whether or not those games will primetime games or not, although it really depends on how far in advance they want to advertise the presence of this alternate uniform.) 

Some fans don't care about alternate uniforms and I certainly get that, although when you've worn basically the same thing for 20 years (or 40 if you ignore a few years in the 90s), any change in uniform is certain to raise some eyebrows. And alternate uniforms do garner attention, particularly from recruits. I'm a very big fan of Iowa's standard uniform set, but I don't mind setting aside a game every now and then for something different. Also: the blackout uniforms from 2015 did look pretty sharp. 

So: what would you like to see from an Iowa alternate uniform this year? Fire up Photoshop, MS Paint, or your design program of choice and let us know in the comments. Let your fashion flag fly, friends. 

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