VIDEO: End of Iowa-North Texas Makes "Bad Beats"

By RossWB on September 19, 2017 at 11:31 am
Iowa Bad Beats

The spread for Iowa's game with North Texas last weekend ended at around Iowa -20. The game ended with Iowa up 14 and on the cusp of  the end zone with a minute to go. Given the way they were running the ball, they very likely could have picked up another touchdown to push their lead to 21 (with the extra point), which would have meant an Iowa cover. Instead, of course, Kirk Ferentz opted to take a knee and end the game.  So... was that a "bad beat," gambling-wise? Scott Van Pelt weighed in on his "Bad Beats" segment on SportsCenter last night. 

I'm inclined to agree with that take. It certainly sucked if you picked Iowa to cover the spread because it was right there and they could have very easily covered the spread. But given the way the entire game went, North Texas covering the spread is probably the "fairer" result. (Then again, if Nick Easley holds on to the ball on Iowa's first drive, that's a touchdown and Iowa likely ends up winning by 21+ anyway...)

The broader lesson, of course, is this: Kirk Ferentz doesn't give a damn about your wagers. 

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