Iowa Unveils Blackout Uniforms for Saturday

By RossWB on October 29, 2017 at 8:21 pm
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So we've been wondering what Iowa's new alternate uniforms this season would look like ever since they were teased this past summer. Well, wonder no more -- Iowa officially released a look at the new "Blackout" uniforms Iowa will be wearing for Saturday's game against Ohio State on Sunday night: 

UI Athletics staff photographer Brian Ray posted some looks at the unis as well: 

And my initial verdict is... thumbs up. Thumbs way up. The original Blackout uniforms were nice, but also looked a little... plain, with the black pants and jerseys and the (overly) large gold numbers.

Iowa blackout unis 2015

These uniforms have a little more pizzazz, with gold stripes along the pant legs, Iowa's usual gold sleeve stripes turned black (against a gray background) and gold outlines around the numbers. There's also a lot more intricate detail work on these, as you can see if you blow up the pictures of the helmets or the jersey numbers -- there's a repeated-I design through the jersey numbers and all over the helmet itself. 

Iowa blackout unis 2017 number detail

The helmet has a lot more going on beyond just the repeated-I pattern as well. One side of the helmet features the traditional tigerhawk, although in an untraditional look, with a black tigerhawk outlined in gold: 

Iowa blackout unis 2017 helmet detail tigerhawk

The other side of the helmet features black player numbers outlined in gold: 

Iowa blackout unis 2017 helmet numbers

Obviously, Saturday's game against Ohio State is going to be incredibly difficult for Iowa no matter what they're wearing. But if these uniforms give them a little extra energy, well, that would be great. We'll take any advantage we can cobble together right now. And no matter what happens in the game, at least they'll look sharp (in my opinion, anyway). 

What do you think? Yea or nay on this version of the Blackout uniforms? Let us know in the comments. 

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