We Finally Know What to Put on the Water Tower

By RossWB on January 4, 2018 at 2:21 pm

original image: Neumann Monson Architects


Remember when the Iowa football team beat the Ohio State football team by a score of 55-24 earlier this season? That sure was magnificent. It was an outstanding victory that we'll remember fondly for years. But is it truly enough for it only to live on in our memories (and, uh, YouTube clips)? I say no. And my esteemed colleague Adam Jacobi agrees. 

And that's when it hit me: the perfect solution to kill two feathered friends with one hard, rock-like substance... so to speak. With Iowa finally adding a tigerhawk to midfield at Kinnick Stadium, there's only one stadium presentation issue that still needs addressing: that damn water tower. Calls to paint the water tower have been ongoing since before most of us were alive, but the water tower remains stubbornly unpainted. So let's plaster "55-24" on that bad boy and call it a day. We'll succeed in forever commemorating a landmark #BEATEMDOWN of the Big Ten's pre-eminent bully *and* we'll give the naked water tower some much-needed adornment. Wins all around! 

Just look at this mock up of the new north end zone with a spiffed-up water tower and tell me it doesn't look magnificent.

55-24 dammit

Do it, Iowa. 

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