You're Welcome, Alabama

By RossWB on January 9, 2018 at 4:38 pm

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Unless you were living under a rock last night -- or decided that the college football season ended when Iowa claimed their glorious Pinstripe Bowl championship (and god bless you for taking that stance) -- you know that Alabama won the College Football Playoff Championship Game last night in a 26-23 overtime thriller over Georgia. Kudos to the Crimson Tide, one of the few things more reliable than the actual tide.

The Tide, of course, were the fourth and final team in the College Football Playoff field this season. They just edged out Ohio State for that final spot in the Playoff field, despite the Buckeyes' quality wins over Wisconsin, Penn State, and Michigan State and Big Ten Championship. Ohio State was left out in part because they had two losses -- the Playoff Selection Committee has yet to cross the two-loss threshold in four years -- but mostly because one of those losses was to Iowa. And it wasn't just any loss, either -- the Hawkeyes handed the Buckeyes a 55-24 #BEATEMDOWN in Iowa City that wonderful afternoon in November. Remember? 

Without that loss -- and without the complete and utter wrecking of Ohio State that took place that day -- Alabama doesn't get the fourth and final spot in the Playoff rankings. Which means they don't win their Playoff rubber match with Clemson in the Sugar Bowl last week and they don't beat Georgia last night to claim their fifth national championship in Nick Saban's unstoppable reign of terror. 

So: you're welcome, Bama. 

And, in fact, that's not the only thing Bama should be grateful to Iowa for after last night's title win. The Tide won the game on a jaw-dropping 41-yard touchdown pass on second-down-and-a-mile from true freshman quarterback Tua Tagovailoa to true freshman wide receiver DeVonta Smith. 

Hell of a throw by Tagovaiola. The play was an old classic -- four verts. 

This wasn't the first big game involving a Nick Saban-coached team to end on a walk-off four verts touchdown, either. As Iowa fans, you probably recall the other one: 


Now we know where Saban got the inspiration for last night's game-winning touchdown. Proof positive that Alabama couldn't have won the 2018 College Football Championship Game without more than a little help from Iowa football and Kirk Ferentz. 


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