Hawkeyes Do WrestleMania

By RossWB on April 9, 2018 at 6:39 pm



More like HawkeyeMania amirite?

WrestleMania took place last night and there was a Hawkeye tinge to the proceedings down in New Orleans. Let's break it down: 

First off, we've got a Tigerhawk on display right behind the announcers: 

Strong work there. 

Former Iowa football player Ettore Ewen (aka Big E) was in action on the show, although he managed to take a picture with some other fellow former Hawkeye linemen too: 

Alas, Big E and the New Day lost their WWE Smackdown Tag Team Title match to the Bludgeon Brothers (which would make a killer nickname for the Paulsen Twins if they could ever stay healthy and make the starting lineup for Iowa) on the show. 

As noted in the picture above, Mike Daniels and Adam Gettis were in attendance at Mania (as was Rashad Dunn, but he ain't on Twitter, presumably because he's very smart). They had some pretty baller seats: 

And met Funaki: 

Gettis checked out the NXT show on Saturday night as well: 

Also repping Iowa at 'Mania? Former Iowa tight end George Kittle and former Iowa fullback (and current independent pro wrestler!) Steve Manders: 

Kittle managed to catch Daniel Bryan's shirt in his first match back in three years: 

Alas, his dream of becoming a WWE Tag Team Champion with Braun Strowman was dashed (Braun chose 10-year old Nicholas instead): 

Kittle also went to the ROH show on Saturday night, where things got a little crazy: 


Finally, on a non-Hawkeye note, owa's own Seth Rollins (the pride of Davenport!) won the WWE Intercontinental Title in the opening match of the main card: 

He also rocked a pretty cool Game of Thrones-inspired entrance (and attire) for his match:

Iowa turns up everywhere, even on the Showcase of the Immortals. Go WrestleMania Awesome. 

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