VIDEO: Akrum Wadley and the Jukes of Doom

By RossWB on April 12, 2018 at 7:54 pm



Remember a few weeks ago when we watched Akrum Wadley highlights and reveled in him making defenders look foolish? Good times. Well, let's do it again, because our favorite running back of recent years has released a few more videos and they're just as excellent as the debut installment. 

NOTE: You may want to turn your volume down or put on some headphones before clicking play -- some of the music is probably a bit NSFW.

We've got touchdown runs from the Michigan State and Illinois games, which are nice, but don't really feature optimum levels of ankle-breaking or air tackles. (There's also a touchdown from the Purdue game, but be honest: did you even remember he ran for a touchdown in that game? The answer is "no," because like any smart Iowa fan you've already flushed all memory of that game from your brain.) But then at the 0:52 mark, we hit paydirt with Wadley leaving #8 for Minnesota in absolute tatters on the turf.

That's the appetizer for the main course, though, which is Wadley dunking on Nebraska not once, not twice, but thrice. The second touchdown isn't remarkable -- it was just a plunge from a yard out -- but the first and third touchdowns... [chef kissing fingers gif] Wadley's first touchdown (1:09 to 1:18) features Wadley juking three Nebraska defenders into the Missouri River, escaping two more tackle attempts, and then hopping into the end zone. The third touchdown (1:25 to 1:32) features one good cut and some excellent run blocking, but is mostly notable for one of my favorite moments in a Wadley touchdown: him looking around for Nebraska defenders closing in on him and finding no one. It's the little things. 

There was also another video that Wadley released last week:  

It's amusing that he includes the infamous high-stepping touchdown against North Texas that was called back for excessive celebration, but it also features two of his best touchdowns that actually counted. The first is the incredible bobbing, weaving, and accelerating touchdown when he scoots through what seems like the entire Iowa State defense on the way to tying the game with just seconds left in the fourth quarter. The second is the incredible 70-yard catch-and-run against Penn State that gave Iowa life in the game and was capped by Wadley's spectacular dive into the end zone. Those two touchdowns show off his full arsenal of skills: his pass-catching ability, his speed, his ability to change direction, his ability to make defenders miss... everything. That's the stuff. 

Wadley dives for glory

And speaking of that touchdown against Iowa State, here's another angle on that one. It remains fantastic from every angle. 

Go Wadley Awesome.

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