VIDEO: Watch Josh Jackson and James Daniels Behind the Scenes at the 2018 NFL Draft

By RossWB on May 8, 2018 at 3:57 pm
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The always-excellent Iowa football video department is at it again. Their latest video is focused on the recent NFL Draft and provides an in-depth look at the draft experience for James Daniels and Josh Jackson.

The video spends a lot of time covering their prep for the draft, as well as their experiences on draft night and the moments when they were finally selected. It doesn't spend too much time dwelling on the first night of the draft (when both guys were likely a bit surprised/disappointed to not hear their names called), which is understandable. There's also a lot of time spent with their families and discussions of their backgrounds, which is interesting -- it's nice to understand them on a slightly deeper level than just "guy who played really well in my favorite team's uniform." 

All in all, it's another interesting and engrossing video from the folks on the Iowa football video staff, who continue to excel at what they do. Well done to them and, of course, congratulations again to Jackson and Daniels on getting drafted. Best of luck to them with the Packers and Bears. 

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