Iowa Given 300/1 Odds to Win 2018 College Football Championship

By RossWB on May 14, 2018 at 5:56 pm
Nate Stanley on the move
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In news that become slightly more interesting as a result of recent developments, Vegas Insider released their odds to win the 2018 college football championship next fall. So what are the odds for Iowa football to hoist the trophy next January? Well, not great -- Iowa has 300/1 odds to win it all next year. Clearly there are not yet a lot of believers in Nate "The Great" Stanley and Noah's ability to take Iowa's offense on a Fant-astic voyage next season. It will come as a glorious surprise to most folks next fall. But not to you, dear readers, because you're smart. 

Among the odds of note, here are the 10(ish) teams with the best odds to win it all next year: 

Alabama 9/4
Clemson 6/1
Ohio State 15/2
Georgia 8/1
Michigan 15/1
Penn State 15/1
Oklahoma 22/1
Washington 22/1
Auburn 28/1
Florida State 30/1
Wisconsin 30/1

Obviously it's the usual suspects at the top -- Alabama, Clemson, Ohio State, etc. Michigan seems a little high for a team that can't seem to finish higher than third in the Big Ten East, but hey. 

And for the odds among Big Ten teams: 

Ohio State 15/2
Michigan 15/1
Penn State 15/1
Wisconsin 30/1
Michigan State 45/1
Nebraska 150/1
Iowa 300/1
Purdue 300/1
Minnesota 350/1
Northwestern 350/1
Indiana 600/1
Maryland 600/1
Illinois 1200/1
Rutgers 1200/1

Yes, Nebraska has better odds than Iowa of winning the national title this fall. FROSTAMANIA IS GONNA RUN WILD ON YOU, BROTHER. In truth, though, Nebraska's odds probably have more to do with their fanbase's giddy anticipation of the Scott Frost era (and "giddy anticipation" is selling it short, in truth) and less to do with their actual roster (which is likely to struggle a bit to assimilate Frost's schemes) or their schedule (which has them playing at Michigan, Ohio State, and Wisconsin next year and hosting Michigan State). 

Iowa has the same odds as Purdue and slightly better than two other Big Ten West rivals in Minnesota and Northwestern. There isn't a whole lot of faith in any Big Ten West team outside of Wisconsin; of course, Big Ten West teams outside of Wisconsin haven't exactly given a lot of good reasons to have faith in them lately. 

Illinois and Rutgers are bringing up the rear with 1200/1 odds because, which are the longest odds for any Power 5 team. Illinois and Rutgers gonna Illinois and Rutgers. 

Only one other Iowa opponent next year appears on this list -- Iowa State, who has 225/1 odds. There's an ISU hype storm comin' this fall, folks. 

Thoughts? Let us know in the comments. 

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