20 For 20: Most Patriotic Quarterbacks

By Patrick Vint on July 3, 2018 at 11:24 am
Love it or leave it
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It's Fourth of July Week, so let's take a quick detour to talk patriotism.  Iowa is widely known as America's Team for a reason: It's full of patriots who love America more than anything else.  Its quarterbacks are no exception; in fact, they have been the face of that patriotism many times, as American as Uncle Sam.

And so here, now, is a compendium of the most patriotic quarterbacks during Kirk Ferentz's tenure at Iowa.

20. Ricky Stanzi

19. Ricky Stanzi

18. Ricky Stanzi

17. Ricky Stanzi

16.  Ricky Stanzi

15.  Richard "Ricky" Stanzi

14.  Dick Stanzi

13.  C.J. Beathard

Because America loves throwin' deep.

12.  Ricky Stanzi

11.  Ricky Stanzi

10.  Ricky Stanzi

9.  Ricky Stanzi

8.  Drew Tate

Because there's nothing more patriotic than beating the French.

7.  Ricky Stanzi

6.  Ricky Stanzi

5.  Ricky Stanzi

4.  Ricky Stanzi

3.  Ricky Stanzi

2.  Ricky Stanzi

1.  Brad Ban-- just kidding, it's Ricky Stanzi


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