PSA: Police Cars Are Not Uber Rides

By RossWB on July 23, 2018 at 5:25 pm
Uber car, not a cop car.
Wikimedia Commons (2016)

In our previous installment of "Alcohol-Related Hi-jinx Involving the Reiff Family," a young, shirtless, and intoxicated Riley Reiff led the Iowa City police on a relatively brief chase through Pita Pit and the surrounding Ped Mall environs. Now, almost exactly a decade later, the latest installment of "Alcohol-Related Hi-jinx Involving the Reiff Family" has arrived, with Brady Reiff (Riley's younger brother) mistaking a police car for an Uber ride

Accused of public intoxication, Brady Reiff, 22, a starting defensive tackle for the UI football team, approached a parked UI police cruiser on Iowa Avenue at about 2 a.m. and attempted to open the vehicle’s passenger door, according to UI police.

When Reiff noticed there was a rider sitting in the passenger seat, police said he moved to the back door and attempted to open it.

When asked what he was doing, police said Reiff asked for a ride home. “He thought that was our job,” the police report states.

When asked if he thought the vehicle was an Uber, police said Reiff replied “Yes.”

Whoops! Let him (or her) who hasn't thought a police cruiser idling nearby was an Uber ride cast the first stone, I say. After all, they're both, uh, cars with... lights and... doors... 

On the bright side, kudos to Reiff for (attempting to) be a responsible drinker and have someone drive him home, rather than attempting to drive himself. On the other hand, this is a helpful reminder that the police are not a ride-sharing service and the only place they will drive your ass to is the county jail. Reiff, who had a blood alcohol level of .204, over twice the legal limit (though Reiff was, obviously, not driving), was charged with public intoxication. 

Today Kirk Ferentz updated his status with the Iowa program. Reiff, a projected back-up at defensive tackle in the new two-deeps, will be suspended for the season opener against Northern Illinois. 

We'll update this story if there are any further developments. Hopefully this is only a blip in Reiff's career and, like Riley before him, this is just an amusing side note to his story at Iowa. 

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