LOOK: Hesse & Nelson Design an Alternate Iowa Football Uniform

By RossWB on July 30, 2018 at 10:00 am
Iowa white gold?
Eleven Warriors

Big Ten Media Days are full of dumb questions and repetitive questions and pointless questions, which is why our blogging compatriots at Eleven Warriors like to try and do something a little different when they go there and talk to the players. Last year they asked the players in attendance to draw their team's logo from memory, which resulted in some, uh, interesting depictions. This year they asked the players there to design an alternate uniform for their team. The results run the gamut: many of them are just slight tweaks on their existing uniforms (red pants for Ohio State, a modified helmet logo for Michigan State), but some of them are much... bolder (what is u doing, Minnesota and Rutgers?). 

The Iowa alternate look designed by Parker Hesse and Anthony Nelson probably sits closer to the bold end of the spectrum than the slight tweak side of things, if only because it's such a departure from what Iowa has worn for decades. 

Iowa alternate uniform idea

A white jersey is obviously nothing new -- Iowa's road jerseys have been white for as long as I can remember. White pants are much less common, but they're not entirely unheard of -- the famed Ironman team led by the greatest Hawkeye of all-time, Nile Kinnick, rocked white pants, which the modern-era Hawkeyes celebrated with a throwback look in 2004. But for the most part Iowa has sported its classic gold (yellow) pants, home or away, for the last several decades. The biggest departure with this look might be the helmet; to the best of my knowledge (and my sleuthing), Iowa has never worn a white helmet before. They're obviously worn (lots of) black helmets and they've worn gold helmets that were actually gold-colored as well as "gold" helmets that were actually yellow. They've even worn a silver lid and last year they had a carbon (charcoal)-colored helmet against Ohio State. But I don't think they've ever had a white helmet. 

And they've certainly never had an all-white look from head to toe. Iowa has gone with a monochrome look for alternates in recent years -- the blackout uniforms in 2015 as well as the blackout uniforms in 2017 (more or less) -- but all-white would be a new one. It would be a big departure from our normal black-and-gold look. But all-white alternates are not at all uncommon for college teams -- in recent years teams like Texas A&M, Oregon, Oklahoma State, Arizona State, Illinois, Minnesota, and Iowa State (to name just a handful) have all worn all-white alternates. (Nor are all-white uniform sets uncommon as part of a primary uniform set, as Texas, Penn State, and Wisconsin can attest.) 

So what do you think? Would you be interested in seeing Iowa wear some "icy whites" as an alternate look for a game? Or is the Stormtrooper look better left alone? And be sure to check out the Eleven Warriors article for all the alternate looks dreamed up by Big Ten players.

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