By Adam Jacobi on November 10, 2018 at 6:22 pm
Nick Easley

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In a script Iowa fans have seen over and over, the Hawkeyes played a sloppy game against a completely beatable foe, and ended up blowing the game in Indiana-esque fashion. The details in this instance are losing to Northwestern, by a score of 14-10. Iowa's division title hopes are now buried in the cold, hard ground where they belong.

I have nothing positive to say about an offense that can't get the ball in the hands of two All-Big Ten-caliber tight ends for extended stretches of play. The running game has no business being this unproductive. Noah Fant should never finish with a line of one catch for zero yards.

The defense did what it could, but there's truly no reason to give up 165 yards to a lightly-recruited true freshman running behind Northwestern's line. 

There is not nearly enough raw talent on the Iowa roster to make up for mediocre effort and decision-making, and it is difficult to enjoy watching a team that doesn't even look like it enjoys playing. 

This game is over, and there are two left in the regular season. With Iowa actively getting worse over the course of the season, there's no telling how either will shake out.

That's football.

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