By Mike Jones on December 6, 2018 at 8:52 am

When SBNation isn’t projecting Iowa to the Outback Bowl, they’re promoting the delightful award known as the Piesman Trophy. If you aren’t familiar with the Piesman, it’s an “award for linemen who do un-lineman-like things. More specifically, it’s an award for the most impressive play in which an offensive or defensive linemen runs with, throws, or catches the ball.” See, they combined Pie, something that lineman usually love to eat and Heisman, college football’s most prestigious award to create Peisman Trophy. It’s a portmanteau, you see?

The Piesman is voted on by a number of college football writers and also has a fan vote element, which contributes to the ultimate tally. As Hawkeye fans, you are morally obligated to go and vote for defensive end Sam Brincks, who scored a touchdown on one of the craziest plays of the year against Penn State:

My pitch for Brincks winning is not solely due to me being a Hawkeye fan; it’s also because he made one of the most skilled plays I’ve seen a college football player make all season. In a high pressure situation, on fourth down, in State College, a defensive end made a Willy Mays Catch for a touchdown. Majority of the Piesman nominees are for scoop and scores or pick sixes. There’s even a screen pass to a lineman and some goal line runs. Those are athletic, sure. But a defensive end making a Willy Mays Catch for a touchdown? I mean, c’mon. That’s a sentence that wouldn’t make sense in any situation unless you had video evidence that it occurred.

Fortunately, there was video, so we know it happened.

Hawkeye fans, CLICK HERE to vote. It's important as today is the final day of voting. You have until noon CT.

Do your thing, Hawkeye Nation.

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