Hawks in the NFL: Divisional Round

By Courtney Baumann on January 15, 2019 at 12:13 pm
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Hawkeyes Continue to Move on

Another one bites the dust. 

Unfortunately for Desmond King and the Chargers, Los Angeles is packing it in for the year. However, it was Adrian Clayborn, Cole Croston, and the rest of the Patriots that sent them home, so there is a bright side. 

Austin Blythe's Rams and Anthony Hitchens and Ben Niemann's Chiefs will also be moving on to the Divisional Championship round. Kinda cool that only one of the four teams left DOESN'T have a former Hawkeye on the roster. 


It's sad how quick fans are to turn on their favorite players when something doesn't go quite right. King, who has been phenomenal for the Chargers all year, had a rough go of it last Sunday against the Patriots. The All-Pro cornerback muffed the first punt of the game, which was recovered by the Pats. 

Here it is in Portuguese, it's too sad in English. 

Let's not let that take away from the 107 yards he had on 5 kick returns, though. King also had eight tackles — five solo — and a QB hit in the game. 

Clayborn did some damage on the other side of that game, posting three QB hits and two tackles, one of which was a sack. 

Anthony Hitchens had seven tackles (four solo) in Kansas City's win over Indianapolis. 


Austin Blythe continued to lead the Rams on the offensive line and helped them move past the Cowboys, 30-22. Los Angeles will face the Saints next weeks, and hopefully Blythe's comments about how Dallas's defense tipped it's hand don't have a negative effect on the Rams preparation for New Orleans. 

He said it better than I did. 


Moving On: Austin Blythe (Rams, 14-3), Anthony Hitchens, Ben Niemann (Chiefs, 13-4), Adrian Clayborn, Cole Croston (Patriots, 12-5)

See You Next Year: Desmond King (Chargers, 13-5) 

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