Iowa Football Unveils New Gold Alternate Uniforms

By RossWB on June 27, 2019 at 6:07 pm

After a one year hiatus, alternate uniforms are back on the menu for Iowa football. And they are gold. Very, very, very gold. Be gold, wear gold ain't just a marketing slogan in Iowa City this fall: 

These uniforms do two things I didn't think Iowa football would ever do: go all-gold from head to toe (the helmet is still primarily black, but still) and do an homage to the infamous banana peel uniforms that Iowa sported in the mid-90s. And there's no denying that these uniforms are meant to homage that look: 

banana peel comparison

The release video even features a close-up on the modern day version of the banana peel (sorry, "hawk feather") element of the design: 

banana peel closeu p

No mistaking that. There's a video from Iowa and Nike that goes into the process behind the creation of this uniform that singles out the inspiration provided by the mid-90s uniform, too: 

I was not a fan of the banana peel jerseys in the 90s. The 25 years that have passed since Iowa sported that look have not changed my opinion on them one iota, either. I know that there is a segment of the Iowa fanbase that does like those unis, though, so I imagine they are very pleased by that look being homaged by this new alternate uniform. (In fact, I do not have to imagine it; I have seen their reactions on Twitter already, so I know they are pleased.) 

So my initial predisposition to this look was... not great. After staring at them for a bit, my opinion has softened. I still don't love the uniform and it seems like an awful lot of yellow (I can't help imagine what it might look like with black pants instead of gold pants), but I'm warming to it. A bit. And at least the banana peel homage doesn't bring back one of the dumbest parts of the original look: the overly busy, asymmetrical "HAWKEYES + TIGERHAWK" wordmark and logo plastered under and on top of the banana peels. 

And, obviously, new uniforms aren't really meant for people like me; they're meant for the players and (more importantly) the recruits. And we already know that the players dig them: 

Look good, play good? If the Iowa players think this uniform meets the first part of that statement, let's hope they're also able to make the second part of the statement come true. 

Iowa is scheduled to wear this alternate uniform for the October 12th home game against Penn State. No start time has been announced for that game as of yet, but an evening kickoff seems like a distinct possibility. These uniforms might really pop under the lights at Kinnick. And if Tavian Banks or Tim Dwight aren't the honorary captain for this game, we riot. 

Amusingly, this new alternate uni doesn't seem to sync up with Iowa's already-announced plans for color-coordination gimmicks. October 12 is scheduled to be the black/gold stripe game. The 9/28 game against Middle Tennessee is currently scheduled to be the "Goldout" game. You'd think this uniform would be a natural fit for that gimmick, given that it's ENTIRELY GOLD. Presumably Iowa could change those labels if they wanted and make 10/12 the "Goldout" game -- the season won't be here for a few more months yet. 

I'll leave you with a few more looks at the gold uniforms: 

AJ Epenesa gold uniform
Brandon Smith gold uniform

Be bold, wear gold indeed. 

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