VIDEO: Let George Kittle Get You Hyped For Iowa Football

By RossWB on August 2, 2019 at 9:35 am
Stone Cold George Kittle callin' the action.
HawkeyeFBVideo (YouTube)

Four weeks from tomorrow we'll be getting ready for the first Iowa football game of the season. After another long, ponderous offseason, the good stuff -- the games -- are finally almost back in our lives. And here's the Iowa football video team to get you chomping at the bit for football's return: 

Former Iowa tight end-turned-NFL Pro Bowler George Kittle narrates the video, which hits all the bases for a summer hype video.

Training montages? CHECK.
Plentiful Kinnick Stadium shots? CHECK.
Highlights from last year? CHECK. 
Great moments from seasons past? CHECK. 

Mmm, football. 

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