Iowa Football Media Day Open Thread

By Patrick Vint on August 9, 2019 at 10:41 am
Kirk, stretched to the right
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It's a tradition unlike any other: Iowa Football Media Day, the day where we finally break through the months of silence surrounding the program and learn...well, not much more than we already knew.  There will probably be depth charts.  We can look at depth charts.  It's so exciting that the Des Moines Register has its top Iowa guy tweeting about auto racing.

We'll be here, monitoring the airwaves and bringing you anything of note from today.  All the tweets and news that's fit to print will be added below as the day moves on.  In the meantime, the thread is open.  Today's question: Is Iowa a legitimate Big Ten title contender?

This is technically from yesterday, but Duke Slater is finally getting a well-deserved section of Kinnick Stadium.

Slater was a unanimous All-Big Ten selection in 1919, 1920 AND 1921, led Iowa to an undefeated season in 1921, and became the first African-American All-American at Iowa in 1921.  Some wanted to name Iowa Stadium after Slater instead of Kinnick; instead, they gave him a dormitory.

The best part of the wall relief: Slater doesn't have the ball in that picture.  He's the guy blocking three Notre Dame defenders to spring Gordon Locke.

Media Day starts with a tour of the newly-renovated north end zone.

"You want me on that wall.  YOU NEED ME ON THAT WALL." -- Hayden Fry

The scoreboard hasn't been updated in 259 days:

The new turf is installed and properly Tiger Hawked.  Message board conspiracy theorists can stand down.

Brommelkamp provides us with the best visual representation of Gary Barta's 13-year tenure today:

Ferentz took the podium at about 2:15, and the news was fast and furious.  The highlights:

The first question was Epenesa, of course.  The second was...placekickers?

It's Sleep-Dalton at punter or we're just going for it on every fourth down.

Here's an odd development: Oliver Martin's waiver application was only submitted a couple of weeks ago.

More on the Martin delay from the DMR/ICPC.

Iowa has finally recognized that most teams play three wideouts on most downs.

Twitter response of the day:

We have some general love for the receivers and tight ends, and it certainly looks like everything but the guard spots are filled on the offensive line.

We might not know who the most popular player on the team is until August 21.

And running back is a logjam waiting for the inevitable (and overdue) return of AIRBHG:



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