Kinnick Stadium's Latest Facelifts Are Ready To Be Unveiled

By RossWB on August 23, 2019 at 11:13 am
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When you're an athletic department with a fire hose of revenue (and record levels of fundraising), it can be difficult to find things to spend all that lucre on (especially since you can't actually pay any of the players, of course). There are only so many raises and extensions you can hand out to the various coaches under your employ. Enter: good ol' facility upgrades. There's always an athletic complex on campus that can use a touch-up or two. And no structure on campus means more to the Iowa athletic department than (legendary) (historic) Kinnick Stadium. The latest series of renovations to Kinnick were completed over the summer and they have the old girl (90 years young!) looking very sharp. 

The newest reveal was that the tunnel that Iowa coaches use to go from the locker rooms to the field for their Swarm entrance has gotten a substantial upgrade. Check it out: 

(we're going to overlook that this should say "cued up")

Even KF seems to think it looks pretty sharp: 

The entrance tunnel is not something that Iowa fans will actually get to see see themselves at Kinnick, unless they can wrangle a private tour of the stadium, as it's only used by the players and coaches (and the media after the game to get to the post-game press conferences). But showing the players in the entrance tunnel has been a part of the Jumbotron entrance sequence for a while, and the new-look tunnel figures to be showcased by TV broadcasters airing Iowa games this year as well. 

As far as changes to Kinnick that can be appreciated by the public, good news -- the North end zone renovations are complete. As you may recall, the renovations were partially completed last year -- the main seating areas were complete, but the concession areas, restrooms, and fancier seating areas (and accompanying amenities) were not yet done. Those renovations were completed this summer, though, 

The photo gallery at the link below is worth checking out. 

A video tour of part of the renovations: 

Another good photo gallery:  

And, finally, if you just want to get a little more hyped up for next week's night game season opener... 

 Football is (almost) back, friends. And our favorite place to watch a game is looking pretty spiffy. 

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