INFOGRAPHIC: The Cy-Hawk Rivalry

By RossWB on September 12, 2019 at 5:09 pm
go hawks go
Shea Conner

Reader Shea Conner created us this wonderful infographic comparing the Iowa and Iowa State programs and shared it with us. We were delighted by it and felt we would be doing an extreme disservice if we didn't share it with the rest of you. So, please, feast your eyes upon this graphic that compares the Iowa and Iowa State programs across a handful of metrics: head-to-head competition, bowl game wins, conference championships, Top 10 finishes, national awards, and NFL first round draft picks. 

the rivalry!


It's so... magnificent. 

A hearty thank you to Mr. Conner for his excellent work in assembling this information and displaying it in such immensely satisfying fashion. Well done, sir. 

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