VIDEO: Urban Meyer Analyzes Iowa's Offense

By RossWB on September 18, 2019 at 9:47 am
go hawks go

There are many things that can be said about Urban Meyer, many of them unkind (though not undeserving). But he is unquestionably a brilliant football mind, particularly on the level of tactics and schemes. Meyer is also able to explain the x's and o's of football in a clear and compelling fashion. That skill is on full display in the video below, which shows Urban Meyer breaking down two of Nate Stanley's touchdown passes versus Rutgers for Gerry DiNardo in a segment on BTN. 

Meyer does an excellent job of explaining the coverage schemes employed by the Rutgers defense on those plays, as well as how Nate Stanley used pre-snap motion to get more information about that coverage from the defense. He also breaks down the mechanics of route running nicely and how Ihmir Smith-Marsette was able to use precisely run routes to get two lovely touchdown receptions. So, yeah, it's a good video -- give it a watch and learn a bit more about the Iowa offense. 

That said, this still remains our favorite video of Urban Meyer watching the Iowa offense: 

Go Iowa Awesome. 

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