WATCH: George Kittle on SportsCenter With Scott Van Pelt

By RossWB on September 19, 2019 at 7:13 pm
go kittle go

Wednesday night's SportsCenter With Scott Van Pelt was a fun one for Iowa fans. In addition to the 1 Big Thing piece on the ISU Venmo fan whose plea for Busch Light money blew up into a massive donation for UI Children's Hospital, SVP also had an interview with George Kittle. Much of the interview was given over to NFL-related topics (understandably so), but there were some items of interest for Iowa fans, like 

  • who the best Iowa tight end in the NFL is (aside from Kittle himself, obviously)
  • one thing Kittle learned from Kirk Ferentz
  • who Kittle's least favorite team in the Big Ten is (HINT: it rhymes with Lebraska)

Give it a watch: 

Go Kittle Awesome. 

Source: @IowaAwesome