WATCH: Iowa Celebrates Holiday Bowl Win With The Hokey Pokey

By RossWB on December 28, 2019 at 2:21 am

What we call "destiny" is usually just the effort of crafting a collection of random events and coincidences into a narrative after the fact. But sometimes... well, sometimes it just seems like it has to be real. 

Ten days ago, Hayden Fry, one of the greatest coaches in Iowa history and the man who restored Iowa football to glory after two decades of oblivion, passed away at the age of 90. One of Hayden's favorite bowls? The Holiday Bowl, a bowl he went 2-0-1 in while he was at Iowa. 

And the bowl Iowa was scheduled to play in this season, just days after Fry's death? The Holiday Bowl, of course. 

Winning the Holiday Bowl alone would have been a satisfying enough way for this Iowa team to honor Fry's memory and legacy at Iowa. But to do that -- by using a handful of Hayden's beloved "exotics," no less! -- and then celebrate the victory by doing the Hokey Pokey, the celebration that Hayden made famous at Iowa? Well, that is absolutely everything. 


Excuse us, it just got a little dusty in here. 

This is just the perfect cherry on top of what was already a pretty perfect hot fudge sundae of a game. Thank you, Iowa. And thank you, Hayden. 

Let's do the hokey pokey!
Let's do the hokey pokey!
Let's do the hokey pokey!
That's what it's all about

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