Tory Taylor Named Co-Big Ten Special Teams Player of the Week

By RossWB on September 13, 2021 at 2:22 pm
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We love Tory Taylor every day and in every game because he is our Aussie PUNTGOD. But we loved him even more on Saturday because he was absolutely instrumental to Iowa prevailing for the sixth straight time against Iowa State. (Six straight! Still doesn't get old pointing that out.) 

Taylor's punts (of which there were many, because Iowa's offense on Saturday was stuck on "pretty horrible" for much of the day) helped consistently put Iowa State in terrible spots to begin their drives (he placed four punts inside the ISU 10-yard line!) and helped Iowa win the field position battle decisively. I mean, look at this ridiculous stat: 

So it came as no surprise at all that Taylor earned Big Ten Special Teams Player of the Week honors today: 

The only surprise was that he was the Co-Big Ten Special Teams Player of the Week, sharing the honor with Rutgers punter Adam Korsak. If that name sounds familiar, it should -- he absolutely punted the fucking daylights out of the ball against Iowa when Rutgers and Iowa tangled in 2019. Iowa fans were irate that he -- a player who does not play for Iowa, remember -- was not named Big Ten Special Teams Player of the Week for his efforts in that game. 

Like Taylor, Korsak also had an absolutely monstrous day punting the ball on Saturday. Just look at how similar their stats were: 

Big Ten punting FTW

They each put four (or more!) punts inside the opponent's 20-yard line! They each had four punts that went 50+ yards! They each had a 69-yard punt! (nice) They're both Aussies! They were both very, very, very good at punting the football on Saturday. And, look, if we have one guiding principle around these parts, it's showing proper appreciation for good punting. So we tip our hat to you, Mr. Korsak. You and Tory both deserve some extra vegemite this week. Well done, fellas. 

* On a side note, we are mildly outraged that Matt Hankins was snubbed from the Defensive Player of the Week honors after he had two interceptions in Iowa's win over #10th ranked Iowa State. Especially when the winner of this week's POTW honors was a Nebraska dork who had 16 tackles and an interception against Buffalo. Harrumph. 

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