By Adam Jacobi on September 18, 2021 at 2:17 pm
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Friends, Hawkeyes, countrymen: lend us your hot takes, your eyes and your ears.

This season, we've begun a postgame live stream with our friends at the Iowa Sports Review, starring me and with a parade of special guests. You can watch me almost get into a fight with a drunk ISU student if you want. We even cut a quick little promo!

You'll especially want to be watching after this afternoon's game, because we have a big announcement — no really, this is not a joke*, big things are happening.

*HINT: it is not a joke, but it is, however, a pun of sorts.You'll see what we mean.

Guests and such aside, ultimately the live stream is for you, the inimitable Go Iowa Awesome community. Send us your thoughts, chat with your compadres, gloat a bit (probably) and have some fun with us tonight at 7:30 pm!

Oh, and we also do a weekday show — here's a few clips from that.

Last note: this show is about y'all as much as anything, so in accordance with YouTube protocol, as always: CLICK THAT LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE FOLKS. No seriously, it helps get the channel off the ground and gets us in front of more eyes and ears, which in turn gives you more people to talk to. Also it gives us the good brain chemicals to see our numbers go up. 

We will see y'all tonight! 7:30, God's time zone. GO CHAT AWESOME.

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