Hey! We're Talking to Chuck Long TONIGHT on Iowa Sports Review on YouTube

By RossWB on October 27, 2021 at 1:13 pm
Iowa Sports Review (YouTube)

Hey there, friends -- do you like to hear me talk about Iowa sports? (Humor me and say "yes.") Do you like to hear Adam talk about Iowa sports? (Obviously, yes.) How would you like to hear us talk about Iowa sports with a bona fide Hawkeye legend?

Well, have I got some good news for you, friends... Adam and I are talking to the one and only Chuck Long, Hawkeye legend and still owner of a host of Iowa passing records, live on the interwebs TONIGHT on YouTube. Here's the information: 


You can access the stream here. We're aiming to get underway at 8 PM Central tonight, Wednesday, October 27. And you're welcome to provide your comments and questions in the chat, too -- we'll do our best to get answers to those question from Chuck. (You do need to create an account on YouTube in order to post comments in the chat.) 

And please like the video (and any past videos that catch your eye) and subscribe to Iowa Sports Review while you're there -- doing so is a big help for the ol' YouTube algorithm, which helps get the channel in front of more eyes. 

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