Iowa Blacks Out Uniforms For Blackout Game

By RossWB on November 12, 2021 at 7:30 am
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Saturday's game against Minnesota has been designated as Iowa's "Blackout" game for the 2021 season, in which fans in attendance are encouraged to wear all black. The fans won't be the only group wearing black from head-to-toe on Saturday, either. In what's becoming a regular tradition, Iowa will be sporting all-black uniforms for Saturday's "Blackout" game: 

Unlike other alternate looks that Iowa has sported in recent years (like the 2017 Ohio State game or the 2018 Penn State game), this isn't a truly different or unique look. Iowa will be wearing their regular home black uniform -- they'll just be accompanying it with black pants, rather than gold pants. This appears to be almost the exact same look they wore in their last "Blackout" game, which -- coincidentally -- was also against Minnesota back in 2019: 

credit: © Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports2019 Iowa blackout uniforms

The difference between the '19 unis and the '21 unis appears to be the pants. The '19 unis had a large gold stripe down the side of each leg. The '21 unis appear to be solid black. 

In fact, this will be the third time in Iowa's last four home games against Minnesota that Iowa has donned all-black uniforms. They also went all-black back in 2015, as part of their 12-0 regular season run. 

credit: © Jeffrey Becker-USA TODAY Sports2015 Iowa blackout unis

Thursday was also Veterans' Day and in recent years Iowa has also worn modified helmets in recognition of that occasion, often with the regular tigerhawks on each side of the helmet being replaced by a stars-and-stripes-themed tigerhawk on one side of the helmet and a plain black hlemet on the other side. Based on the pictures provided by Iowa above, it looks like Iowa will be wearing that same helmet for this game, too. 

Iowa blackout unis 2021

Overall, the all-black look is a solid one and a decent change of pace from Iowa's usual black-and-gold home uniform combination. There is one thing that would make this uniform look even better, though: if Iowa players are wearing it while hoisting up Floyd of Rosedale after a victory on Saturday. 

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