The Good, The Bad, The Ugly 2020: Minnesota

By Mike Jones on November 16, 2020 at 1:30 pm
More like Sack VanValkenburg lmao
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The Good: Offensive Line, VanValkenburg, Tory Taylor

Heading into the contest, we expected Iowa to have some success on the ground, as Minnesota was one of the nation’s worst teams at stopping the run. How bad, you ask? Well, they were giving up 7.3 YPC and allowing an average of 239 yards per game. That’s bad. And we knew Iowa would do well on the ground but lol I don’t think we expected this:


Iowa’s offensive line was gashing out there. Tyler Goodson rushed for 145 yards on 20 carries, a 7.1 YPC average. Sargent had an even better average, with 9.56 YPC on nine carries. In all, the Hawkeyes rushed for 235 yards and four touchdowns. Hell, even Spencer Petras didn’t take a sack. It was an absolute steamrolling of the Gophers on the ground and brought a tear to this run game lover’s eyes.

Defensive end Sack Zach VanValkenburg was just named Big Ten Defensive Player of the Week and uh, yeah, that’s deserved. He had three solo sacks, five total tackles, and a quarterback hurry. Iowa’s defensive line was giving Tanner Morgan the business all night but it was VanValkenburg that led the charge.

Tory Taylor. My goodness. Three punts. 133 yards (44.3 average). Long of 55. Three inside the 20. No touchbacks. He is an Australian Assassin when it comes to placement. I mean:


The Bad: Petras

Iowa almost put together complete game on Friday, the sole weakness being their passing game. Petras only went 9/18 for 111 yards, a touchdown and an interception. That interception…wow:

See the funny thing about that tweet is: 1) As of me writing this up on Monday morning, that was the last tweet from Minnesota on BTN and 2) I think Petras probably did see James Gordon considering he was staring at him the entire time. And hey it’s not like I’m alone in this observation:

I’m cognizant about the stakes of this season which are: nothing. Everyone can come back, Petras is only a sophomore and this is the fourth game of his career. We don’t need to be hasty. And yet, if Iowa is going to rely on their running game to score points with little help through the air, all Petras has to do is play smart football and not turn the ball over. Petras keeps turning the ball over. Let’s all stay patient but, man, you can’t keep making throws like that.

The Ugly: None

Unless you’re talking about Keith Duncan missing a field goal which didn’t happen shut up.

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