It's Not Plagiarism If You Mention the 30 for 30 Documentary

By Patrick Vint on August 9, 2017 at 8:00 am
Catholics vs. Convicts

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The women's basketball team released its full non-conference schedule Tuesday (via the program's Twitter account):

Schedule graphic

It might not look like it, but that's a murderer's row of a schedule.  It includes SEVEN NCAA Tournament teams from last year (Quinnipiac, Missouri/Western Kentucky, Elon, Florida State, Iowa State, Northern Iowa and Drake).  Regardless of who wins on the other side of the four-team tournament played in Iowa City in mid-November, there's a tournament team waiting for the Hawkeyes.  The only saving grace could be that just three of those seven games are away from Carver Hawkeye Arena, and just one of them (Elon, which Iowa will play in a tournament in Puerto Rico) is out of state.

Get It All, You Deserve It, Fredrick

We, like many, were surprised at the news of C.J. Fredrick's commitment to Iowa hoops Saturday.  But in the following 48 hours, we've learned a few things that bring his recruitment into focus.  Cody Goodwin at the DMR talked to one scout and figured out what Fredrick will be here to do:

“He can really, really shoot the ball,” said Brian Snow, a national recruiting analyst for “He’s a smart player. He doesn’t force anything. He can pass. He can handle a little bit off the dribble. He’s not a great athlete by any stretch of the imagination, but he’s got good length, good size.

“But he can really shoot the ball.”

How "really" is "really"?  According to Goodwin, Fredrick shot over 45 percent from three during the spring AAU circuit, and was shooting as high as 60 percent from the field during a stretch of his high school season last year.  Which, uh, yeah, we could use some of that.

Still, the mutual attraction between Fredrick -- a player not exactly on everyone's radar, given that Rivals hadn't even bothered to scout him -- and Iowa -- a program that doesn't have much presence in Kentucky, even the northern, Indiana-ish parts -- was odd.  That is, until we received this:

Joe Fredrick played for Digger Phelps at Notre Dame from 1986-1990, averaging a team-leading 16.7 ppg as a junior (on a team that included Laphonso Ellis) and 13.0 as a senior.  He was a team captain in his last two seasons.  As you probably know, Fran McCaffery was an assistant coach on those teams.  And Joe is now an assistant at Covington Catholic, where C.J. plays.

And if you, like me, thought that the name Joe Fredrick sounded familiar for another reason, you've clearly been watching your 30 for 30 DVD's.  Because Joe Fredrick was one of the two Notre Dame students who created the "Catholics vs. Convicts" t-shirts at the heart of the ESPN documentary of the same name.  

And now I've never been more excited about an Iowa commit in my life.


I'm not going to pretend to understand Comic Con or cosplay culture.  I collected Superman comics for about two weeks before moving to baseball cards, and my favorite shows at six years old were SNL and Letterman.  But there's something going on with former Iowa linemen-turned-cosplayers that demands further investigation.  

It started with Big E, who has become a staple of Comic Con since his WWE career blossomed into full bloom.  But we heard earlier this summer that Mike Daniels was going to Comic Con in full costume, and yeah, he was there as Raikage from the anime Naruto.

And while Daniels is funny and outgoing enough that his cosplay makes sense, Adam Gettis as an X-Man is mind-blowing.

Next year, we need Kirk Ferentz as Splinter from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Just imagine the recruiting potential.

Odds & Ends

Marc Morehouse breaks down the 15 minutes of Monday's practice open to the media as if it was the Zapruder film.  Marc's (absolutely correct) takeaway?  We can't know much from a brief snippet of practice in early August.  But that won't keep us from trying.

ESPN's Jake Trotter details the final days of Bob Stoops at Oklahoma, where the death of Stoops's dad held an outsized role.  Ron Stoops, Sr. died of a heart attack while coaching at Cardinal Mooney High School, and was buried with Bob's Iowa jersey and Big Ten championship ring at his side.

Rutgers football, everyone:

David Letterman is coming out of retirement for a short-run Netflix interview series.  He was also the subject of many uncomfortable close-ups on Norm MacDonald's YouTube show last week. And yes, these two sentences are the most absurd things we've ever written.

When you head coach is fired just weeks before the start of the season in an escort service scandal stemming from an investigation into your quite-shady recruiting practices, what do you do?  If you're Red Cup Rebellion, you write stunningly good reviews of Jason Isbell's work with the Drive-By Truckers.

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