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By Patrick Vint on September 13, 2017 at 9:08 am
Kirk's unhappy

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Tuesdays with Bore-y

We already covered the biggest news from Kirk Ferentz's Tuesday press conference, but here's what else we learned from the victorious Captain Kirk this week:

  • Ferentz was effusive with his praise for North Texas, a team that just lost to SMU by 22 points: "They play at a high tempo. They know what they’re doing. They know where to go, pose a lot of threats with quarterback runs. They’ve got a really well-conceived offense, but most importantly the quarterback’s a really good trigger guy."  And all of those are danger words for Iowa, if they're not being said in the context of North Texas football.
  • Freshman Ivory Kelly-Martin started returning kicks last week situationally last week, so that Wadley wasn't running 30 yards at a dead sprint before taking handoffs.  Ferentz acknowledged that IKM may well be the full-time kick returner now.  "Yeah, we’re trying to watch the pitch count stuff [with Wadley], which I don’t believe in pitch counts either, and Kelly-Martin’s doing a nice job back there. He looks very comfortable."
  • On freshman Tristan Wirfs playing on the offensive line: "We’ve been leaning in that direction anyway, so right now we just have to plan like he will play at some point because we’re really running out of depth."  If Ferentz meant that in the context of tackle exclusively, that's basically indisputable.  If he meant the offensive line in general, that's disconcerting.  There are a lot of guys on the roster who we thought had a chance.
  • Then again, you get the sense that Wirfs might be starting now if it weren't for a minor camp injury: "He was almost doing too well until he got hurt. It was about a week, but a week might as well have been a month."
  • SHOTS FIRED AT NEBRASKA: In the context of a potential medical redshirt for Ike Boettger, Ferentz went after Cornhusker quarterback Tanner Lee: "There is a quarterback I’m aware of that got an extra year because of a coaching change which I’ve never heard of that. I don’t know what the precedent for that would be. But we’ve got a new line coach, maybe we can get him a year because of that. We’ll see. Certainly different styles and personalities with those two guys, so I don’t know. Got to look in that policy book they’ve got."  Ferentz has been critical of that NCAA decision in the past.
  • This week's trip down memory lane: Ronnie Harmon, whom Ferentz compared to Akrum Wadley: "The comparison there would be Akrum does some stuff with the ball in his hands that none of us can coach. We’d love to, but you can’t coach or give that to a guy. Ronnie was the same way. I think they’re similar in the fact that Ronnie’s one of the tougher, more competitive guys I’ve ever been around anywhere at anyplace I’ve ever coached. I mean, he was a tough-minded guy."
  • And then we got one of the weirdest statements in any Kirk Ferentz press conference ever, a random shoutout to GIA friend Andy Garman: "One catch Imir had takes you right back to Penn State 2002. Hinkel stretched out and got his toes down in the end zone. Used to be outside my door in the other building forever. Andy Garman was in that picture as well, so I saw Andy every day back then."  

All in all, it was the typical post-victory press conference.  Everyone is playing well, everyone is contributing, laughs all around.  Let's keep having these all the way through January.

Streaking the Quad

The headline from the Big Ten's schedule announcement Tuesday was the end of both the annual Iowa-Nebraska season finale and Nebraska's Black Friday game, a tradition going back to the Big 8 games against Oklahoma and Colorado in Lincoln.  Needless to say, Nebraska is not taking it well:

Another part of Nebraska football went away on Tuesday. In 2020 and 2021, the Huskers will play Minnesota instead of Iowa in the last week of the season. What’s more, the tradition since 1990 of playing on Black Friday — the day after Thanksgiving — is no more....

No, it’s not about Iowa. But then, it was never about Colorado, either. The Big 12 could have put K-State or Missouri in that slot and it would have been fine.

It was always about Black Friday, a day with a connection to the most famous Thanksgiving game of all — the 1971 “Game of the Century” played on Thanksgiving Day itself. And a connection to all those ’90s champs. But moreover, a chance for the NU program to stand out on a day without many games on TV and millions of football-watchers avoiding shopping by camping out in front of the tube.

Goodness, what a turnover.


Lost in this tidal wave of schadenfreude was a largely-missed bit of reporting from Parker Gabriel at the Lincoln Journal-Star: That the Big Ten is simply codifying the Mexican standoff we know as the Quadrangle of Hate.

Yes, if the Big Ten is just setting up an end-of-season home-and-home round robin between the four western schools, it takes a bit of shine off of Iowa's superiority argument (an argument that, for most, is largely just to get a rise out of Nebraska fans).  But it also sets up the scenario that Iowa fans have hoped for since Nebraska joined the conference, a four-way free-for-all for control of the east, where every team gets three built-in hardcore rivals and, in most years, the winner takes the West.  That's something I can get behind.  That's the promise of the Big Ten West finally being realized.

More like CopyFIGHT

I'm not sure if anyone notices, but the photos on our site come from two primary sources: USA Today and Twitter.  We pay for the right to use USA Today's photo library, and we don't use any other photos without approval and attribution.  As a veteran of the Wild West days of blogging, I know it wasn't always that way. It used to be that anything in a Google Image search was fair game.

Apparently, in some places, it still is.

This isn't about Hawkeye Heaven, which serves its purpose.  Photographers work hard for little pay, and they get even fewer accolades than reporters.  Their stock-in-trade are their cameras, and their work product is the photos they take.  If those photos are unprotected to one source that doesn't pay for them, they are arguably available to all that want to use them for free.  

We joke that it's not plagiarism if you link to it, but it's probably a copyright violation if you use someone's work without permission (and it wouldn't hurt to link to it regardless).  Enforcing that basic rule isn't an existential threat to your business model unless your business model is built on taking other people's work.

OK, so maybe this is a bit about Hawkeye Heaven.

Odds and Ends

Speaking of scheduling, Gary Barta gets coy on the Cy-Hawk Game after the current contract ends: "Through 2023, we’ll keep playing. (After that), your guess is as good as mine."  This is positioning for negotiation, nothing more, nothing less.  That game is staying until Iowa State gets booted from the Power 5 or the Big Ten goes ten games.

Leistikow dives into the game film from Saturday, looking for all the things we missed.  And there was a lot to miss while you were holding your breath for half an hour.

The story of a photo getting around the internet of two Iowa State fans and an Iowa fan carrying an Iowa fan (who turns out to be T.J. Hockenson's grandfather) in a wheelchair up the steps of Jack Trice: "We're all Iowans and everyone wants to help."

Michigan is getting its own Hard Knocks-style show on Amazon.  Surprised they didn't want to wait until a year where another guaranteed loss to Iowa was on the schedule.

If you're wondering what Big E does while stuck in a storm, now you know.

And Dan Dakich is threatening to fight a former Indiana quarterback, because some things never change.

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