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Pleasing Revenues

Vanessa Miller of the Cedar Rapids Gazette wrote that football season ticket sales slid from 47,822 in 2018 to 48,447 in 2019. However, during that same timeframe, there were slight increases in season tickets for men’s and women’s basketball and a significant increase in wrestling season ticket purchases.

Iowa should be commended for the work they’re doing by trying to make a football gameday more enjoyable. The improvements to the north endzone are beautiful and they’re putting real work into make it an experience, instead of just a football game. On the other hand, $400 some dollars continues to be a lot of money for an Average Joe and there are unavoidable logistical issues like traffic and parking that make going to a football game at Kinnick a lot of work.

As someone who went to the Iowa-Penn State dual meet I can say that there is nothing quite like an Iowa wrestling event. Obviously, you’re dealing with a different type of crowd but the article points out that students are admitted for free. If you haven’t watched an Iowa wrestling meet when it’s at Carver Hawkeye, even when it’s on TV, I encourage you to do so. You’ll notice the difference between a men’s basketball game and a wrestling meet when it comes to the students. I say: ignore the talk of moving the student section because that isn’t going to happen but at least let them in for free. It’s a gamechanger.

Overall, the good news was that athletic ticket revenue increased from $25.3 million to $27.2 million, the revenue in 2018 being at its lowest point since at least 2013. As the bottom line is what matters to the AD, this is pleasing news.

Combine Talk

Adam Rossow of WHBF Quad Cities is in Indy for the NFL Combine. He was there when AJ Epenesa and Tristan Wirfs addressed the media. Here’s AJ, saying some nice things about returning defensive end Chauncey Golston:

Here's Tristan talking wrasslin:

The Measurements Game:

Charles Robinson of Yahoo is a must follow for the NFL Combine, as he’s posting everyone’s measurements. Nate Stanley’s were posted earlier in the week but now he’s got Eppy, Geno Stone and Ojemudia:

The workouts actually start today and we’ll keep you updated on the results.

The Admissions Bill on Capitol Hill

The Iowa House passed a bill that would require in-state admission requirements at the U of Iowa Colleges of Medicine and Dentistry. On the most basic level, it would require these schools to allocate at least 75% of its admissions to Iowa residents or to people who attended an Iowa community college or university. The non-partisan Legislative Services Agency estimates that this would reduce tuition revenue to the schools anywhere from $800,000 to $1 million annually. The Editorial Board of the Daily Iowan opposes the bill and asks the senate to vote it down.

Quick Hitz:

If you’re trying to figure out where Iowa will land in the NCAA Men’s Basketball Tournament, good luck.

An NFL Draft profile of Nate Stanley says that his “deep ball is almost always off-target” which is…not exactly fair. It was off target like, most of the time. But sometimes it hit!

The Colts staff writer did a long, in-depth break down on Wirfs, who could end up with the Indianapolis? Question mark?

James Butler is making the most of his opportunity with the Houston Roughnecks of the XFL.

While we’re on the XFL, the ratings continue to drop. If you’ve watched the XFL, quite simply, it isn’t the best football. Exceptions aside, quarterback play is comical and if you don’t have a competent quarterback, it’s rough to watch.

Finally, George Kittle wants to race Rich Eisen in the 40-yard dash. Do it, Rich, you coward.

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