It's Not Plagiarism If You Link To It Is A Champion

By Mike Jones on May 18, 2021 at 9:45 am
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We Are the Champions

If you don’t pay attention to track and field at Iowa well, that’s on you. Since being named Iowa’s director of track and field/cross country, Joey Woody has consistently built the program to the point in 2019, when he was named the Big Ten Men’s Coach of the year, leading Iowa to its first NCAA Outdoor Championship in 34 years. He doubled down this season, with a Big Ten Championship:

Reminder that this is “second straight” because the 2020 season was cancelled. Congrats to Joey and all of his athletes. He has built something great and we wish him and his team the best at the National Championship in Eugene next month.

I’m Calling My Lawyer

Long before we grew up and took things more seriously, Go Iowa Awesome was Black Heart Gold Pants and was frequently prodding or parodying the University of Iowa Athletic Department. So much so, that Iowa’s compliance department was writing letters to staff and threatening legal action. I believe, and Pat can correct me if I’m wrong, that he or Adam were explicitly told that any writer for Black Heart Gold Pants would never receive press credentials as if any staff of Black Heart Gold Pants would ever apply, I mean lol can you imagine?

Anyway, those days are “long behind us” and now there’s a new age of bloggers getting into trouble with the Iowa Athletic Department. The plot twist is that it’s the guys at Wide Right & Natty Lite, the SBNation Iowa State blog. They wrote a satire article called SATIRE: Fran McCaffery Forces Connor McCaffery into Transfer Portal. Someone named Dick Weiss picked up on it and lol, chaos ensues. Anyway, cutting to the chase, the staff at WRNL got this nice letter from Associate Director of Comms Matthew Weitzel, who felt the need to slightly enlarge the part where he asks them to remove the post and that they’re talking to legal:

Well done, guys.

Ferentz Collects Paycheck, People Mad

Last year Fran McCaffrey, Lisa Bluder, Tom Brand and a myriad of other coaches in the Iowa Athletic Department took pay cuts due to the financial issues created by COVID-19. Kirk Ferentz, the State’s highest paid employee, did not. His assistants also saw increases in salary:

  • Strength coach Raimond Braithwaite: $205,000 to $405,000.
  • Offensive coordinator Brian Ferentz: $775,000 to $860,000.
  • Assistant strength coach Cody Myers: $56,295 to $150,000.
  • Defensive coordinator Phil Parker: $800,000 to $890,000.
  • Whatever Ken O’Keefe does: $625,000 to $685,000.

If there’s any reason to slap each other on the back, it’s that 10 football coaches (but not Kirk) did forego the bowl bonuses they earned. Of course, they didn’t actually play in the bowl game due to the pandemic but the point is that they earned and refused them.

There’s a lot to be said about this. You could probably write 10,000 words on it. I’ll just say that it’s not a good look that Ferentz didn’t take a salary cut. I recognize he does a lot by giving (does math) like 1.25% of his career earnings to the UIHC or as Senior AD Henderson pointed out, $400,000 to football letter winner initiatives or $1 million to the…Athletic Department and $500,000 to the…Iowa Edge Campaign, the last three things having everything to do with him. It’s not a good look when Iowa is cutting Olympic Sports, taking $50 million in loans from the main campus and is apparently ending its annual contribution of $2 million to the actual University.

On the other hand, this is America, Kirk Ferentz earned that money and maybe you should just stop being so poor? Does it matter if the rich get richer? Aside from some bad PR, which the University could’ve avoided if he would have given up the smallest amount of his salary, who cares? Is like…someone going to lose their job over this?

Kirk Ferentz isn’t a bad person and shouldn’t be treated as such. Is he prone to lapses in judgment? Uh…very much yes. Should he have an Athletic Director that gives him counsel and direction? Yes. But he doesn’t and so here we are. Tone deafness and bad PR have been traditions in the era of Barta but maybe, just maybe, when Barbara Wilson gets here that all changes.

We hope.

Quick Hitz

Former Hawkeyes baseball player Nick Allgeyer was called up to the Blue Jays from AAA Buffalo. And then promptly sent back down.

Iowa Football has the 9th best winning percentage in the Power 5 since 2015. I would note that of the eight other schools ahead of them, six have won their conference championship (Notre Dame is independent). 

Caitlin Clark was named to the 2021 USA Women’s Under 19 World Cup Team. The world is on notice.


Colt Brennan passed away on May 11th. If you were like me, you were ecstatic to stay up super late and watch him play at Hawaii on ESPN. He still holds a number of passing records and it’s hard to see how some of them will be beaten. While looking at his records I found a couple others that look like they’ll be hard to beat:

  • Yards Per Game, FCS: Steve McNair, Alcorn State, 527.2
  • Single Game Yards, FBS: Patrick Mahomes, Texas Tech, 819.
  • Highest Rushing YPG in a season, FBS: Barry Sanders, Oklahoma State, 238.9.
  • Highest Average Per Punt, Minimum of 40-49 Punts: Reggie Roby, Iowa, 49.8.


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