Iowa To Retire Megan Gustafson's Jersey

By RossWB on May 10, 2019 at 2:00 pm
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This news isn't new, but we didn't write about it at the time and I didn't want it to go unremarked upon, because it's certainly worth of acknowledgement. What do you after completing one of the greatest seasons -- and greatest careers -- in Iowa history by winning damn near every Player of the Year award available and breaking or tying a staggering amount of Iowa, Big Ten, and NCAA records? How do you top that? Well, by getting your number retired, of course. And that's just what Iowa intends to do for Megan Gustafson: 

Gustafson joins Michelle Edwards as the only former Iowa women's basketball players to have their numbers retired by the school. Edwards, whose name is near the top of several career stats categories, had an excellent career from 1985-88. She wore #30 during her Iowa career. Now #10 will join that number as off-limits for all the Hawkeye women's basketball players to come. 

This honor comes as no surprise -- Iowa fans have been clamoring for the school to retire her number since practically the start of her senior season, when she quickly broke the all-time scoring and rebounding records -- but that makes it no less deserved. And getting confirmation that, yes, her number will be retired is certainly gratifying. The exact details of her official jersey retirement ceremony will be announced later in the summer or fall, after Iowa's 2019-20 schedule is released and when Gustafson's own schedule is clearer. 

Gustafson is off at training camp with the Dallas Wings now, in preparation for the WNBA season which gets underway soon. She's also expected to play overseas after the conclusion of the WNBA season, likely with a team from Budapest, per The Gazette's Mike Hlas. Wherever Gustafson's professional exploits take her next, though, she'll always be an Iowa legend -- and soon her jersey will hang in the rafters as a lasting reminder of her legendary career.


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