Iowa WBB Brings Back Script Iowa And Wins The Uniform War

By RossWB on October 10, 2019 at 9:20 am

Turns out the Iowa men won't be the only basketball team in Iowa City with a new look this winter. The Iowa women showed off some new uniforms this week as well and they are utterly magnificent. 

And here's the jersey itself: 

straight flames
more flames bb

These are straight flames. 

We here at Go Iowa Awesome love the script Iowa font and feel that it is grossly underused within the athletic department. We're also very big fans of gold uniforms for the basketball team -- it just feels right and helps separate them from the billion other teams that wear white at home. So when you combine script Iowa and gold uniforms with a clean, modern-looking design? We are big, big fans of that look. 

I don't know if this particular gold uniform is just an alternate uniform or the new standard home uniform (the current home unis are pretty blah, so it should be!), but hopefully Iowa wears this uniform as much as possible. This is the best-looking uniform an Iowa team -- men's or women's -- has had in years. 

Sorry, guys, the ladies won this round of the new uniform wars. 

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