VIDEO: Iowa Wrestling Releases Great New Hype Video

By RossWB on December 1, 2017 at 9:00 am

You all know Chris Ruth, the head of the video department for Iowa football? His department creates all of the excellent videos for Iowa football during the year, from the pre-game "hit film" hype videos to great post-game highlight videos to the mini-documentaries during training camp and the great Mike Daniels-narrarated "This is Iowa" video. I'm not sure there's anyone in the Iowa athletic department who's better at his or her job than Chris Ruth is at his. 

Well, now he's taken his talents over to the wrestling team to produce a hype video for them and the results are predictably tremendous, as you can see above. Dan Gable narrates the video (hey, when you've got the GOAT hanging around, why not use him?), which features highlights of Iowa wrestlers working out and practicing intercut with some classic footage of Tom Brands winning a gold medal in 1996 and some highlights from Iowa's wrestlers in action last year (woo Cory Clark national champion!). And, yes, the music accompanying the video is from a string version of Metallica's "One." That is some very aggressive cello-playing. 

Go Hawks. 

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