B1G Wrestling Tournament: Session I Results + Session II Open Thread

By RossWB on March 3, 2018 at 3:26 pm
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WHAT: 2018 Big Ten Wrestling Tournament
WHERE: Breslin Center (East Lansing, MI)
Session I: Saturday, March 3, 9 AM CT
Session II: Saturday, March 3, 3:30 PM CT
Session III: Sunday, March 4, 11:00 AM CT
Session IV (Championships): Sunday, March 4, 2 PM CT
TV: none (Sessions I-III), BTN (Session IV)
STREAMING: BTN Plus ($), Flowrestling ($)
BRACKET: available here



125: #2 Spencer Lee (BYE)
133: #7 Dylan Duncan (Illinois) MAJ DEC (9-1) Paul Glynn
141: Vince Turk DEC (6-0) #8 Eli Stickley (Wisconsin)
149: #2 Brandon Sorensen (BYE)
157: #1 Michael Kemerer FALL (3:49) Jake Danishek (Indiana)
165: #2 Alex Marinelli (BYE)
174: #7 Joey Gunther DEC (4-3 TB2) Beau Breske (Nebraska)
184: #3 Dom Abounader (Michigan) MAJ DEC (13-2) Mitch Bowman
197: #3 Cash Wilcke DEC (4-3 TB2) Andre Lee (Illinois)
285: #4 Sam Stoll DEC (4-1) Razohnn Gross (Rutgers)

Iowa went 5-2 in R1 matches, highlighted by Kemerer's pin at 157. Turk also picked up a decisive win over the #8 seed. Wilcke and Gunther just got by their opponents, while Stoll won 4-1 over Gross at heavyweight. Bowman was a heavy underdog at 184 and was duly thumped, while whatever hope Glynn might have had of pulling a mild upset at 133 was quickly dashed. 


125: #2 Spencer Lee FALL (2:43) #7 RayVon Foley (Michigan State)
141: #1 Joey McKenna (Ohio State) DEC (4-0) Vince Turk
149: #2 Brandon Sorensen DEC (4-3) #7 Alfred Bannister (Maryland)
157: #1 Michael Kemerer MAJ DEC (15-5) #8 John Van Brill (Rutgers)
165: #7 Logan Massa (Michigan) DEC (8-6 OT) #2 Alex Marinelli
174: #2 Bo Jordan (Ohio State) DEC (8-3) #7 Joey Gunther
197: #6 Christian Brunner (Purdue) DEC (8-2) #3 Cash Wilcke
285: #4 Sam Stoll DEC (8-1) #5 Youssif Hemida (Maryland)

Iowa went 4-4 in the quarters, highlighted by a pin from Spencer Lee and a major decision from Kemerer. Stoll also recorded an emphatic win over Hemida at heavyweight. Sorensen needed a takedown in the final 20 seconds to get by Bannister, which is not the most encouraging start for his Big Ten Tournament. Turk didn't give up bonus to McKenna, but he wasn't particularly close to actually winning the match, either. Gunther also lost as a decided underdog at 174. The two most disappointing losses were at 165, where Taylor Massa reversed the dual meet result and beat Alex Marinelli and 197, where Cash Wilcke lost a lopsided decision to Brunner. Massa is a massively talented wrestler and only a sluggish start to the season dropped him to the #7 seed; his talent level is far above that. Unfortunately, Marinelli wasn't able to get past him this time. 


133: Garrett Pepple (Indiana) DEC (3-1) Paul Glynn
184: Mitch Bowman (BYE)

Glynn lost in his first consolation match, which means his tournament is over. It also means his season is over -- he has no hope of earning an at-large bid to the NCAA Tournament. 



125: #2 Spencer Lee vs #3 Nathan Tomasello (Ohio State)
149: #2 Brandon Sorensen vs #3 Ryan Deakin (Northwestern)
157: #1 Michael Kemerer vs #4 Micah Jordan (Ohio State)
285: #4 Sam Stoll vs #1 Adam Coon (Michigan)

All four matches are rematches from the regular season; Lee, Sorensen, and Kemerer all won those matches, while Stoll lost his match with Coon. The Lee and Sorensen wins were razor-thin, while Sorensen had amassed a comfortable 6-0 lead on Jordan before a late flurry by Jordan made things slightly closer. After a pretty mediocre quarterfinal performance, Iowa could really use a strong showing in the semifinals. It won't be easy. 


141: Vince Turk vs Sal Profaci (Michigan)
165: #2 Alex Marinelli vs Te'Shan Campbell (Ohio State)
174: #7 Joey Gunther vs Logan Ritchie (Michigan State)
184: Mitch Bowman vs #5 Nick Gravina (Rutgers)
197: #3 Cash Wilcke vs David-Brian Whisler (Maryland)

All five of these wrestlers lost in the quarterfinals or R1, so need to rebound from those defeats. Turk, Marinelli, and Gunther all defeated their opponents at dual meets earlier this season; Bowman lost 4-0 to Gravina at the Iowa-Rutgers dual, while Wilcke and Whisler did not wrestle at the Iowa-Maryland dual. These guys really need to wrestle with their hair on fire in this round after underwhelming performances by some of them in the earlier rounds. 


1) 85.5 -- Ohio State
2) 81.5 -- Penn State
3) 64.5 -- Michigan
4) 39.0 -- Iowa
5) 29.0 -- Illinois

There's no spinning that -- it's ugly. Iowa needs to pick themselves up off the ground and try to salvage the best possible finish from this event, but it's not going to be easy after some costly losses in the quarterfinals. 

I'm still not going to be able to post updates or results in the comments during this evening session, so if someone else would like to step in there, please do. It would be much appreciated. 

The usual rules apply. 

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