[UPDATED] Sam Stoll Accidentally Shot in Knee

By RossWB on June 20, 2018 at 8:30 am
Get well soon, Sammy.

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It's been a busy few days of news for the Iowa wrestling program and, well, it couldn't all be good news. Iowa got some very unwelcome news early Tuesday morning when we heard that Sam Stoll, Iowa's All-American heavyweight, had been hospitalized after being shot. 

Stoll, per a release from the Iowa City police, was shot in the knee. He was taken to University of Iowa Hospitals & Clinics, where it was determined that the injury was not life-threatening. No other details about the injury have been released (and probably won't be until Stoll or the Iowa wrestling program choose to provide more information), although a UIHC spokesman indicated that Stoll was released from the hospital later on Tuesday. 

The only details released about the shooting itself were that it happened in the wee hours of the morning (4:30 AM), that there were "several individuals" in the Valley Avenue residence where the shooting occurred, and that it involved a discharged firearm that accidentally hit Stoll. Iowa City police are continuing to investigate the incident. 

Given the paucity of information about the incident or the injury to Stoll at this point, it seems reckless to speculate much about what this might mean for Stoll or the Iowa team as a whole. The fact that Stoll has already been released from the hospital is hopefully a good sign that the injury he sustained wasn't too serious, but it's impossible to know until more details are released. Stoll has an unfortunate history with knee injuries; ACL tears ended his season in 2015-16 and 2016-17. Hopefully this doesn't result in another lost season for Iowa's pin-happy heavyweight. We wish Stoll a full and speedy recovery and we'll update this story when (or if) more details are released. 

EDIT: Tom Brands has released a brief statement about Stoll:

It's good to hear that Stoll's surgery was successful, although what that surgery involved is still unclear. 

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