WATCH: Lots of Iowa Wrestling Action To Air on BTN, ESPNU This Weekend

By RossWB on April 3, 2020 at 4:21 pm
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While new sports are few and far between right now, there are plenty of old sports to watch (or re-watch) and this weekend features a loaded buffet of Iowa wrestling action on BTN and ESPNU. 

BTN has actually been airing wrestling coverage all day long, but there's still a lot more on tap through the evening and into the overnight hours. A full schedule is available here, but a few highlights of note: 

4:30 PM: BTN's On The Mat videos are very good and this episode features a great piece of Brandon Sorensen's battle with cancer

5 PM: #1 Iowa vs #2 Penn State dual meet 

7:30 PM: #1 Iowa vs #13 Minnesota dual meet

12:30 AM: #1 Iowa vs #22 Michigan dual meet

3:30 AM: a re-airing of the On the Mat episode with the Sorensen piece 

Meanwhile, Saturday features a marathon of past NCAA Wrestling finals on ESPNU. 

11 AM: 2016 NCAA Championships
1 PM: 2010 NCAA Championships
3 PM: 2013 NCAA Championships
5 PM: 2018 NCAA Championships
8 PM: 2019 NCAA Championships

EDIT: looks like they changed the schedule a bit (all times CT). 

1 PM: 2010 NCAA Championships
3 PM: 2013 NCAA Championships
5 PM: 2018 NCAA Championships
8 PM: 2010 NCAA Championships (again)

There's a lot of Iowa goodness to be found in those tournaments. The clear standout is the 2010 replay; that's the last season in which Iowa won a national championship and the finals were a good ending to an excellent tournament performance. Iowa put five wrestlers into the finals that year, including four straight from 125 to 149 lbs.

The 2013 finals feature two Iowa matches, Tony Ramos vs Logan Steiber at 133 lbs and Derek St. John vs Jason Welch at 157 lbs. The 2016 finals feature three Iowa matches, Nico Megaludis vs Thomas Gilman at 125 lbs, Nahshon Garrett vs Cory Clark at 133 lbs, and Zain Retherford vs Brandon Sorensen at 149 lbs. And the 2018 and 2019 finals each feature Spencer Lee. So that's nice. 

So yeah: lots of college wrestling action to dive into during quarantine over the next day and a half. 

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